Sushi and Wine? Totally Fine! Here’s 21 to Try in 2021 #WinePW

I write about food and wine, so it would be expected that my social media has pictures of both, right? And because we’re total cheese whores around here, there’s lot of photos of wine and cheese. Oh and oysters! After that, believe it or not, I take and post a lot of pictures of wine and sushi.

Even on National Wine and Cheese Day there’s pictures of sushi with wine!


Because I’m not that into sake (yet– change my mind, please!), and because I love tea, I’d always order a pot of tea to go with my sushi.

Then we went to sushi to celebrate my birthday one year and I ordered sparkling wine.

Lo and behold! I liked it!

But I still mostly drank tea because the wine selection at most of the sushi places we go to is just not that great.

And then something happened: I discovered that most Wednesdays Sprouts has sushi for $5. And Sue and I usually do wine on Tuesdays. Which means I usually have leftover wine to experiment with the sushi — and photograph too.

In these experiments, I have found I love sushi


The key to pairing sushi and wine: temper the soy sauce and the wasabi — too much overwhelms the wine.


Check out “Sonoma Visit and Interview with Alex Holman, winemaker for Balverne and Notre Vue plus 4 wines with seafood, sushi”

Rich salmon and avocado as well as the spicy tuna roll in the sushi matched so well with the 2019 Notre Vue Chardonnay Musque.

And check out

#RoséAllMay? #RoséAllDay! Three Rosé from Oregon with sushi, salad, seafood skewers for #AirportRules

For more ideas about pairings with Asian food beyond sushi, check these posts out from the #WinePW crew:


For more sushi and wine inspiration, here’s a few of my posts from Instagram.


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