New Year’s Eve: 2020 24 Hours To Go! I Wanna Be Sedated

2020 24 Hours to go!

The sparkling wine is chilling, the glasses clean, and it’s time to say GOOD RIDDANCE to 2020! 

In 2020, when we had nothing to do and no where to go, can you think of a better song than “I Wanna Be Sedated” by the Ramones to ring in the New Year? 

20, 20, 20, 4, hours to go
I wanna be sedated
Nothing to do, nowhere to go, oh
I wanna be sedated
Just put me in a wheelchair, get me to the show
Hurry, hurry, hurry, before I go loco
I can’t control my fingers, I can’t control my toes
Oh no oh-oh oh-oh
Bam-bam-bambam bambam-bam-bambam, I wanna be sedated

No kidding!  Research shows that in 2020 we did wanna be sedated: Continue reading

A Wine Lover’s Gift Guide: 12 Months of Green Wine


12 days of Christmas original artwork by Sarah Jenks Flesher

Is somebody you know dreaming of a WINE Christmas? Need a last minute gift for someone who wants wine on the green side? (Not green the color but green as in sustainable, organic, biodynamic…?)  Got you covered!

On the twelth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Continue reading

A Wine Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Wines in a Wine Fridge

But which bottles of wine are in that wine fridge?

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Wine Lover’s Gift Guide: 9 Cheeses in a Cheese Grotto Paired with Michel Magnien Biodynamic Bourgogne

On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…

Of course, there had to be a bottle of wine to go with that cheese, please, a 2017 Michel Magnien Bourgogne Pinot Noir  ($SRP 30); And a baguette too! Continue reading

Wine Lover’s Gift Guide: 8 Bottles of Bubbles


Prosecco solstice sparkles

I’m dreaming of a wine Christmas! But so far, there hasn’t been a lot of bottles of actual WINE since the two festive bottles. Well my TRUE LOVE is about to change all that because… (drum roll please!)

…On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…

Because My True Love Wants to Make My Solstice Sparkle, what bottles of bubbles did my true love send?

Will my true love choose sparkling wine from one of these 8 blog posts from the previous few months of 2020! (Yes, that’s definitely been a safer at home strategy around here — bring on the bubbles, and the more the merrier!)

  1. Champagne Bruno Paillard...
  2. Verovino’s sparkling wine from Italy…
  3. sparkling Rose from around the world...
  4. more sparkling Rose from around the world...
  5. Champagne from Champagne Day… 
  6. sparkling Cremant from Bordeaux…
  7. sparkling Cava, Prosecco, and Champagne… 
  8. biodynamic Champagne Leclerc Briant  

Or maybe these 8 Bottles of Prosecco DOC and/or DOCG! Continue reading