An Exploration into California Certifications and Sustainable Explanations #EarthMonth

Who are the Wine Predators?

Two California girls, Gwendolyn Lawrence (Alley) and Sue McLaughlin (Hill) met through Girl Scouts at age 12. They both loved nature and being in the outdoors especially rock climbing, sailing, hiking, camping, and backpacking. They went on many adventures together, they cooked together, and they cared for the planet together.

Some things never change.

Wine Predators: Gwendolyn Alley, Sue Hill plus Kingston and Cisco

Fast forward a few dozen years, and Sue and I reconnected. We both still loved the outdoors, and cooking, but we’d both discovered a passion for wine: Sue worked at a tasting room and I wrote about wine here on this blog.

For the past seven years during the time we’ve been working together, it should come as no surprise that how grapes are grown and how wine is made has been as important an element to us as how the wine tastes and what food we’re pairing with it.

And we’re not alone: 83% of Americans consider sustainability when buying food.*

And yet with all of the sustainable explanations and certifications, it can get confusing!

So for Earth Month AND California Sustainable Wine Month this April, Continue reading