Grilled Cheese with 4 Affordable Wines from Occitanie Sud de France #Winophiles

What’s better on an autumn midweek evening than grilled cheese, roasted pumpkin soup, and a green salad chock full of fall fruit? Pairing it with cheese and wine made in France along with two good fun friends!
This month host Jill Barth leads the French Winophiles in an investigation of the French region of Occitanie. Previously known as Languedoc-Roussillon, an area of southern France well-known for producing wine that doesn’t break the bank, the newly re-named region encompasses both as well as other areas in the Southeast of France going all the way to Spain and the Atlantic coast:

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#MadeInFrance: Wine and Cheese Pairing

It is amazing what people are doing on Facebook these days.

While there is a bit of a delay, Facebook Live can be put to good use: for example see the video above.

Or join the French #Winophiles today on Twitter when we explore the world of French Wine and Cheese for #MadeInFrance.

Because that bit of delay allows us more time to taste the cheese and the wine!

If you are tasting wine and cheese together, remember:

  • Wine
  • Cheese
  • Wine

Below are more detailed directions plus a list of the wines and the cheeses and some of our thoughts on a few of them. You might also  check out this blog post from National Wine and Cheese Day (yes that’s a thing!) which also explains that both food and wine are “flavor dense” so they both offer a lot of complex flavors and chemistry for your palate to play with and explore. Continue reading