Cheers with Two from Chile for International Rose Day

Two on the right from Chile for today’s International Rose Day; 2 on the left from the Central Coast which I wrote about on August 12

Yes! We do need an International Rose Day! And today, August 14 is it! If that’s not a #MondayMotivation I don’t know what is!

P.S. I do know that there’s a NATIONAL Rose Day — and it’s second Saturday of June. And here’s what we did for National Rose Day in 2017 and what we did in 2016.

But we love rose so much we will celebrate it every chance we get!

So last week, when we tasted central coast rose wines for our wine pairing weekend post which we paired with thes scrumptious shrimp and corn fritters, we also popped the cork on two wines from Chile — one with bubbles from Valdevisio and one without bubbles from Casillero del Diablo.

We were going to do two from France — one with and without bubbles — but we ran out of time to taste all that wine! So we will be writing about those this Saturday as part of our budget wines from France post.

We love that these are two great wines from a region not usually thought of for rose — and they should fit your week day budget! The bubbles will last another day or two if you do the spoon trick, and the other is a screw top so you can save it for another day as well.

2016 – Casillero del Diablo – Reserva Rose – 13% alcohol – SRP $11
a blend of Syrah; Cinsault; Carmenere

Color: pretty pale pinkish coral, like the inside of a strawberry

Nose: Not a very sweet nose– it reminds us of the wilderness and of wild strawberries that have just been picked off the side of a mountain trail. The nose is very engaging, an interesting conversationalist, and when you are engaged in conversation, you and want to keep talking. The minerals and saline qualities even come through on the nose.

I like this a whole lot more than I thought I would. I can see bringing this wine to a party and having others be impressed.

Palate: Minerals and acid at the front of the palate similar to a Sauv. Blanc, with flavors of strawberries and raspberries. Bitter on the quick finish. As a party wine, where you are not always paying attention to the finish, and just want something that is easy to drink and to pair with party food, you would never notice.

Pairing: It might have enough salinity to pair well with BBQ lamb chops; it really likes rosemary we discovered when we tasted it with the Great Basin pecans. It likes creamy textures. The citrus and salinity cleanses the creamy palate as it goes in your mouth so it was great with the smoked gouda because it was creamy and had the light smoke that goes so well with a nice rose. The aged gouda was a bit much for it because it had such a strong flavor profile that just bowled over the flavors in the wine– but sure brought out the salinity.

We liked this wine best with the shrimp fritters; it brought out the sweet notes in the wine.

Great with seafood, and salty fare like coppa salami, makes the fruit in the wine pop. The minerality in this wine worked really quite well with our fritters leading us to the conclusion that it would be great with fish tacos. Here’s the link with more about the fritters and the menu!

Parting Shots: Least expensive wine on the table went the best with  our fancy seafood meal.

I received this wine as a sample for my review consideration.

Valdivieso – Brut Rose – 12% alcohol – SRP $13
Note: the bottle says chardonnay and semillon but how does it get to be a brut? Further research shows it’s a blend of 70% Pinot noir 30% chardonnay.

Never had a sparkling wine from Chile? I tasted this one with the winemaker and was so impressed that I encouraged them to export more of it to the US but they say that it is so popular it mostly gets consumed in Chile!

Founded in 1879 by Alberto Valdivieso specifically to make sparkling wine; more than a hundred years later, the company  began commercial production of still wines as Viña Valdivieso which you can also now find in the US– they produce a wonderful, affordable chardonnay as well as old growth reds and a fascinating high-end red blend “Caballo Loco.”

Color: A very bright, festive pink, it would make a great cocktail wine because it would add a vibrancy from the color.

Nose: Very fruity.

Palate: While made in the traditional process and with a cage and a cork and satisfying pop when you open it, the bubbles are BIG and it’s almost too bubbly which means it would make a good mixer because as a punch bowl mixer, the bubbles would hold well – much like a 7 UP or Sprite might do.  We found plentiful red fresh fruit and yeastiness — almost like a fruit danish.

Pairing: The flavor of this wine can stand up to many bold and different flavors making it a great party wine that will do well with many different appetizers. Because it has some residual sugar and sweetness, this wine went best with our dessert of fresh strawberries and blueberries topped with sauce of sour creme, lemon juice, honey and garnished with lavender. What a treat with this wine.  Fresh fruit treat worked so well! We had difficulty finding the perfect flavor combination to go well with this wine, and this was it. It responded well to the fresh fruit and tart sweet creamy sauce. the effervescence needed to be tamed in this wine, and the fruit and creme with the bright citrus sweetness worked with this wine.

Parting shots: Favorite dessert pair in a while!

I received this wine as a sample for my review consideration.

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