What Went Down in June and July: What We’ll Open in August

In my grandfather’s wine cellar drinking from a bottle of my grandfather’s sherry that is older than I am …

In June I published 14 posts (and over 20,000 words!) but in July I lagged and this is only number 7. However, I did hit a milestone:

This is blog post #608 which means I hit the ticker of 600 blog posts here on Wine Predator in late June and by July 1 with this post about “real” or dry Lambrusco featuring an amazing dinner by Sue as well as yummy cocktails I hit 602! Anyone want a Lambrusco Negroni to celebrate ? 

By the midway point of 2017, I published 54 posts; add in July and I’m up to 61. Not too bad if I may say so myself. My goal is the lofty and auspicious number of 108 — an average of two a week– and I would say I am on track to achieve that goal as long as I publish 8-10 posts each month for the rest of the year… and since I average 1500 words per post, that’s another 150,000 words!

I could NOT do this without a strong team — thanks so much to Sue Hill who joined in the fun about five years ago, in 2012. She’s awesome in the kitchen and taking notes — plus she has a great palate.

Marshall grilling burgers with Sue a blur in the background

And  a huge thank you to Marshall for all of his help in the kitchen and on the grill — he does almost all of the grilling and the meat as well as most of the dishes and I’ll tell you there are plenty used when we are staging photos!

So what went down in June and July of 2017 and what’s up for August?

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