Cheers with Two from Chile for International Rose Day

Two on the right from Chile for today’s International Rose Day; 2 on the left from the Central Coast which I wrote about on August 12

Yes! We do need an International Rose Day! And today, August 14 is it! If that’s not a #MondayMotivation I don’t know what is!

P.S. I do know that there’s a NATIONAL Rose Day — and it’s second Saturday of June. And here’s what we did for National Rose Day in 2017 and what we did in 2016.

But we love rose so much we will celebrate it every chance we get!

So last week, when we tasted central coast rose wines for our wine pairing weekend post which we paired with thes scrumptious shrimp and corn fritters, we also popped the cork on two wines from Chile — one with bubbles from Valdevisio and one without bubbles from Casillero del Diablo. Continue reading