What’s Up for June; What Went Down in May!

Cheers! Sue and I hosted Italian Sparkling wine in May for B#ItalianFWT

Lots going on here at Wine Predator Land so I thought I’d start the month of June off with a round up of last month and what to look forward in the coming month! In May, I published 14 blog posts (that’s almost one every other day!) and in June I plan to publish 10-12 blog posts (2-3 a week).

the most popular post in May came from these closures!

The most popular blog post in May was:
  1. “Around the World with Sauvignon Blanc: 7 wines from 5 continents.”
    but that was really close to  a 3-way tie for second between:
  2. Taco Tuesday with Tequila: Contigo, El Fumador, El Macho\
  3. CA All The Way For #ChardonnayDay and #NationalWineDay!
  4. May There Be Bubbles for Brunch! Plus Negronis, Strata for #WinePW

amazing wine — such a delicious meal and pairing!

My favorite post was either:
Use your “Philtrum” to Celebrate #ORWine Month
(because I like the exploration into what a philtrum is– and the wines were fabulous!)
or maybe
An elephant or a hat? Hat Ranch Winery’s DRY Moscato from Idaho
(because I love the Little Prince!)…..My favorite meal of May (whether I blogged about it or not!) was:
Chablis and the Sea: French #Winophiles Travel to Burgundy
but a close second was a lunch with Andrea Cecchi of Cecchi wine which I’ll be posting about soon!

in Lodi again…

So that’s what went down in May; here’s the line-up for June– subject to change of course!
Also planning on publishing: wines for grads and dads, more IDAHO wine (it’s Idaho wine month!), Meeker Merlot, Ron Rubin Syrah, WALT pinot noir, Cecchi, new Ojai wineries, wine fests and more! Scheduled: 7 blog posts and will add 5-6 more! If you haven’t already, Subscribe!! Also in the works: a trip to Paso Robles for some luxury and adventure at Villa Juliette plus we’ll learn about vineyard trellis systems and creek conservation at Parrish. And late in July I’m headed to OREGON with a likely stop in IDAHO.

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