#CabernetDay at #BurningMan 2015


Burning Man is home to a winery, wine cellars, and plenty of wine!

Is there wine in Black Rock City, home to Burning Man? Or is it only a town of tequila shots and beers in cans and blasters and absinthe and other cocktails?

I’m here to tell you that there is more to drink in Black Rock City than cheap bottom shelf liquor prettied-up with mixers and sweet cheeks served on a mutant vehicle rolling across the desert!

Every year at Burning Man (my first Burn was in 1992 and I’ve been 15x), I have had amazing wine, including my first Barolo in 2009, thanks to Puma who always brings out some pretty special stuff to celebrate the occasion (that’s his dusty pile from 2011 pictured).


Puma and a pile of vino he brought to Burning Man to share

Many wine makers, from professional to garagiste to home brewer, attend Burning Man and bring wine to share.

In fact, Black Rock City boasts a winery, a cellar to store wine, a Champagne Lounge, and a wine tasting room–with glasses!

corkgal back cork gal cork guytandem cork couple

So five years ago when Rick Bakas started up Cabernet Day on the last Thursday before Labor Day, I decided to host a Cabernet Day event in Black Rock City–and I’ve done so in 2011, 2013, 2014 and this year too.

While Cabernet Day is really all about sharing Cabernet via social media, Black Rock City is not known for its connectivity and we were unable to get online in order to post anything in previous years but that did not stop the merriment!



This year for Cabernet Day I will be at Puma’s camp, Harmonic Convergence where he has promised to uncork at least one bottle of VERY NICE cabernet!


I haven’t decided what I will be bringing but you know it will be something good. What will be different in 2015 is that we should be able to post pics and notes online as there seems to be decent cell service on the playa this year –and Puma’s camp has wifi (and satellite tv too!)

How will you be celebrating #CabernetDay this Thursday September 3, 2015?

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