4 August Food + Wine Events Feature Ventura, Santa Barbara County Wines


I don’t know about you, but I enjoy wine the most when it is paired with food –and when the pairing works.

I love how a food can bring something special out in a wine and vice versa.

One of the questions I get asked most (after what is my favorite wine!) is how do you know what wine to pair with food.

The best way is to experiment. But I get it — that can be scary and pricey. Not everyone is willing to open up a couple of $15-50 bottles to see what works!

11781865_710750235695717_1513011249069577063_nA great way to experience great wine and food pairs is by attending winemaker dinners, and in Ventura County, there are three great ones coming up this month. Details follow.

And if you can’t attend a dinner like this, you CAN learn a lot by studying the menu! What do the experts pair with what? You’ll notice trends, for example, duck with Pinot noir; however, I’ve found that I generally prefer duck with syrah, so you still need to experiment!

For something completely different, head to the Ventura County Fair on Tuesday August 11 from 5-7pm Continue reading