Have a Bodacious and Naked Cabernet Day 2016!

Have a Bodacious and Naked Cabernet Day?


Is that a bit odd to say? No not at all if you are celebrating Cabernet Day with a bottle of Napa Valley Bodacious Cabernet Sauvignon


or a bottle of Oregon’s Naked Cabernet Sauvignon! Or like me, BOTH plus…


Naked Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 . Columbia Valley This Naked promises long legs and a smooth complexion.

we’re going to be enjoying a bottle of Andis Cabernet Franc from Amador County and a red blend “Midnight” with a lot of cab from Lange Twins! It’s Cabernet Day, right? Not Cabernet Sauvignon Day!

Now what if you were going to be celebrating Cabernet Day  with wine from Oregon, Napa, Amador, and Lodi AT BURNING MAN?

Then it all makes sense, right? To get BODACIOUS and NAKED?

Whether you will be at Burning Man, at home or at friends, tip your hat and your glass to Cabernet tomorrow Sept. 1 and share your toast online using the hashtag #CabernetDay. (Note: Cabernet Day is ALWAYS the Thursday before Labor Day!)


Admiring this box set of three Flora Springs wines? Want this BODACIOUS belt buckle for yourself?

2013 Flora Springs Cabernet Sauvignon ($40)
2013 Flora Springs Trilogy ($80)
2013 Jon Nathaniel Bodacious ($60)

Then you have to move fast! Pricing on 3-pack of above wines in this gift box plus the Bodacious belt buckle is $180 online through September 1st.

Participate in Cabernet Day! If you’re inclined to post, tweet, or Instagram about #CabernetDay you’ll have plenty of company! In addition to special pricing and social media activity by many wineries, Flora Springs is marking the event with a contest/giveaway. More information is here: https://www.florasprings.com/events/.

Flora Springs is a Napa Valley winery owned by the Komes and Garvey families. Jon Nathaniel Wines is a separate project that John and Nat Komes, the father and son proprietors of Flora Springs, started a few years ago utilizing fruit from Napa Valley vineyards owned exclusively by the Komes family (get it? John and Nathaniel? Jon Nathaniel?).

I’m super excited about getting BODACIOUS tomorrow!

More info at http://www.jonnathanielwines.com

PS Sue and I had planned on opening and tasting these wines in advance of Cabernet Day for this blog post but I had such a wretched cold that it would have been a waste… I’m still sick and congested but it is receding and I am optimistic that these wines could cure anything!

Go to Art Predator for more about this year’s Burning Man highlights!

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