WBW #79 Gets Literary With Katniss Everdeen & Professor McGonigle

For July’s Wine Blogging Wednesday #79, host Brix Chix Liza prompts wine bloggers to ponder: What wine would your favorite fictional character drink?

I asked my fellow wine predators to send me their answers. Henny Kim sends this submission:

In the time before Panem, I guess people my age weren’t allowed to drink alcohol. Haymitch told me as much when he had time to talk between swigs of his awful booze. Imagine a world where the adult didn’t let kids do things because it was considered unhealthy. A world where children weren’t used as pawns for a vicious game of control and survival. I am thinking about this when Gale shows me the bottle he spotted during our hunt outside District 12. The bottle has a curious shape—like what humans used to call a bowling pin—and contains a dark pink liquid, the same shade of my lips when I’ve been running after wild game and a little out of breath and slightly sweaty. The pretty label shows small leaves and lettering, but the words that stand out are a bold black Sofia and then Rose in a girlish pink script. I wonder about how life must have been in a time when people had their names written on their own bottles and about who this Sofia Rose had been, how sad she must have been to discover she’d lost her bottle in the woods. After Gale manages to pop out the cork, he hands me the bottle, but I hesitate, thinking that since my name isn’t Sofia Rose, this drink doesn’t belong to me. Continue reading

WBW#78 report & #79 gets literary!

Last month for Wine Blogging Wednesday #78, we got our “viggy on” –which means that, according to host Frank Morgan, over 29 bottles of viognier were opened, tasted, and reviewed on various blogs (including this one). Bloggers wrote about wines from California, Virginia, Australia, Washington, Portugal, and more.

July’s Wine Blogging Wednesday host Brix Chix Liza asks wine bloggers to ponder:

What wine would your favorite fictional character drink?
And she’s offering a prize for the best entry! 
I’m going to ask my fellow Wine Predators to email me their stories and I’ll post them here. While the obvious literary guests should have been fellow wine blogger Deb Harkness‘s heroine from Discovery of Witches and her vampire/geneticist wino sweetheart, I invited Professor McGonigle over for Sunday dinner. You’ll have to wait until Wednesday to hear about what we ate and drank and talked about! (Oh, and there might be pictures as well!)
Wanna play? Here are the rules:
  • Think of a favorite character. Any genre, any timeline, any story.
  • What wine would he/she/it drink? Tell us about the wine. Work it into the story.
  • Extra credit for those who write a scene with the wine
  • Your deadline is Wednesday, July 25th
  • Leave a comment  at Brixchicks #wbw79
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  • Email WBW79 at brixchicks dot com
  • If you are thinking of dressing up as your character, We LOVE that! Instagram us: brixchick_Liza
  • Be sure to use the #WBW79 hashtag.

Pinot Gris from Alsace: Summer Sensation

A few weeks ago, SoCalArtGal, Annie AnyDay, Bacchus Schmacchus and I gathered for two twitter tastings of 9 (yes NINE!) wines in two hours!

That was a lot of wine even for us!!

First we did five wines from the Alsace region of Europe:

Lucien Albrecht Cremant d’Alsace Brut Rose
The Furst Pinot Blanc
Gustave Lorentz Riesling
Schlumberger Pinot Gris
Trimbach Gewurztraminer
followed by four delightfu, light effervescent and refreshing Vinho Verde wines from Portugal!

But for today, I’m just going to share a few notes about the Pinot Gris, later a bit about the Alsace region and soon, I promise, we’ll share our thoughts on the other wines from Alsace as well as the wines from Portugal! Continue reading