WBW #79 Gets Literary With Katniss Everdeen & Professor McGonigle

For July’s Wine Blogging Wednesday #79, host Brix Chix Liza prompts wine bloggers to ponder: What wine would your favorite fictional character drink?

I asked my fellow wine predators to send me their answers. Henny Kim sends this submission:

In the time before Panem, I guess people my age weren’t allowed to drink alcohol. Haymitch told me as much when he had time to talk between swigs of his awful booze. Imagine a world where the adult didn’t let kids do things because it was considered unhealthy. A world where children weren’t used as pawns for a vicious game of control and survival. I am thinking about this when Gale shows me the bottle he spotted during our hunt outside District 12. The bottle has a curious shape—like what humans used to call a bowling pin—and contains a dark pink liquid, the same shade of my lips when I’ve been running after wild game and a little out of breath and slightly sweaty. The pretty label shows small leaves and lettering, but the words that stand out are a bold black Sofia and then Rose in a girlish pink script. I wonder about how life must have been in a time when people had their names written on their own bottles and about who this Sofia Rose had been, how sad she must have been to discover she’d lost her bottle in the woods. After Gale manages to pop out the cork, he hands me the bottle, but I hesitate, thinking that since my name isn’t Sofia Rose, this drink doesn’t belong to me. He shrugs and takes a swig instead and expresses surprise at how light and sweet it tastes. He takes another long sip and then pulls out the bread he’d brought for us, chewing on a piece while he ponders. I reach for the bottle and bring it to my lips, feel the cool liquid swish over my tongue and then flow down my throat. It is delicious. I suddenly envision Sofia Rose as someone like me, a girl I could be friends with. Or maybe we’d be too similar to be friends, but we’d appreciate each other. Help each other out when things got really rough. And then for some reason, I picture Peeta, and I feel something I don’t want to feel right now. I don’t want to think about him or the Capitol or the Games, so I take another drink and let the crisp fruit and honey sensation envelope me.
Novel :: Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Character :: Katniss Everdeen
Wine :: Sofia Rose
Writer: Henny Kim

Tim Cabrera sent me some great one liners which I’ll post tomorrow; a few other people have expressed their interest in the idea as well and if they get me anything in the next day or two I’ll post it.

Personally, I was pleasantly surprised to have Professor McGonigle accept my invitation for dinner! I obviously dressed for the occasion; in certain circles, I am known as the Mistress of MisSpells. It turns out Professor McGonigle has been keeping her eye on young Reed; in fact we have word that he will be receiving a message by owl in a few years with an invitation to attend Hogwart’s West (!).

During our evening, we took a nice long walk along the beach and talked at length about my studies and hers–we share an intellectual interest in rituals and spells. I am currently working on a paper for my Indigenous Psychologies class for my PhD at Pacifica Graduate Insitute about rituals and spells to cast out un-neighborly neighbors. She enlightened me in a number of areas related to the rituals we used in 2008 to rid ourselves of our un-neighborly neighbor. We also discussed the usefulness of kyanite with night terrors as well as the properties of various other stones, minerals, crystals, and other elements.
In keeping with our special guest, we enjoyed a fine dinner of leg of lamb roasted on a rotisserie paired with Eberle’s Cotes-du-Robles 2007 –a blend of 39% syrah, 34% mourvedre, and 27% grenache. We all appreciated the complexity of the blend and the alchemical delights of the wine with the rosemary and garlic encrusted lamb which we served with roasted vegetables.  The color of the wine is deep, dark purple and tinged with rosy violet. The fruit was plentiful but not sweet, medium bodied, well balanced even with 15.1% alcohol, nice sage, earth, mineral, and with a hit of oak from the 100% French barrels (20% new).
Overall,  the Eberle’s Cotes-du-Robles 2007 is a very pleasurable wine that would be tasty with a wide selction of foods from cheese and duck sausage (which they sell at Eberle), venison, boar, elk or a pork tenderloin.  $21 from the winery which is where I bought my bottle. The 2008 is currently available for $22.
Novel :: Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling
Character :: Professor McGonigle
Wine :: Eberle Cotes-du-Robles 2007
Stay tuned for more entries! And if you want to play, send me yours to gwendolynalley AT yahoo DOT com.

3 thoughts on “WBW #79 Gets Literary With Katniss Everdeen & Professor McGonigle

  1. If only Henny would write more of this story. I have not read or seen “Hunger Games” but now I really want to know who this Katniss Everdeen is and all about Peeta while drinking Sofia Rose of course!

    And the Leg of Lamb with the Eberle sounds heavenly.

    We will be choosing our winner very soon…


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