Celebrate First Day of Summer with Sauvignon Blanc Day!

Thursday, June 21, 2012 raise a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and celebrate SUMMER on Sauvignon Blanc Day!

My friend NYJane is here with me and we’re celebrating the day with a Gary Farrell 2010 Sauvignon Blanc from Sonoma. It’s a very light cool pale yellow, with a slight effervescence that disapates as the bottle is open. It’s fresh, crisp, refreshing acidity: and I gotta say that was  a LONG week of summer school I just had and this wine is readying me for the weekend!

It’s perfect for enjoying with conversation with an old friend, slowing me down after the busy pace of the week. Continue reading

#WBW78: can you say VEE-OH-N-YAY? Plus beet & mint & OJ & walnut salad

We can say viognier and we did!

We–the Wine Predators plus Que Syrah Sue and NYJane minus Ima Zinner–tasted two viogniers for this month’s edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday–“Get Your Viggy On” hosted by Frank Morgan.

In his blog post, Frank shared that:

  • In the 1960′s, Viognier was nearly extinct with only eight acres planted in the Northern Rhone (via Wikipedia) and about 80 acres throughout the world (via Jancis Robinson).
  • Viognier is the most-planted white Rhone varietal in the United States

Frank shares other Viognier tidbits on his blog including how to pronounce this delightful white wine.

We were up for the challenge! We even went for the bonus points by tasting not one but TWO very different but both wonderful viogniers:

Rosenblum 2008 Kathy’s Cuvee Viognier under $20

Zaca Mesa 2009 Estate Grown Viognier under $30 (on sale at Bevmo now for $20)

with a variety of food dishes from beet salad to trout salad to mac n cheese to just plain sour dough bread to oysters to clams. Continue reading

#WBW77 & #WBW78: Good Wines for Bad Days & Can You Say Viognier

Alleigh from “A Glass After Work” hosted the May rendition of Wine Blogging Wednesday by asking us what we want to drink after a bad day at work.

As you can imagine, there was quite the range of answers. I looked at a few of the blog posts and I think I like Talk-A-Vino’s best–I was intrigued by his wine selections and agreed with his criteria. Alleigh’s wine choice, a 2008 zinfandel from Ottimino Rancho Bello Vineyard definitely sounded like a go to wine for me too! Here’s my submission for WBW #77.

June’s Wine Blogging Wednesday is almost upon us! The theme for WBW#78 taking place next Wednesday June 20 is “Viognier” aka “Get Your Viggy On” hosted by Frank aka “Drink What You Like” which is often wine from Virginia, his home state, and one that is big on “viggy” –Virginia’s “signature” grape. (Seriously!)

I’m down with Viognier, but not hip to “viggy.” Sorry–unless we’re talking about Viggo Mortensen and both Exene and John Doe are in the room and maybe we’re all tossing about lines of haiku or poetry or doing a exquisite corpse or something.

In the meantime, Continue reading

Exclusiv Rose Moscato & St Germain: The perfect summer cocktail

Kick off your Father’s Day or Summer Celebrations with the PERFECT cocktail: Exclusiv Moscato Sparkling Rose with St Germain Liquer “La Rosette”!

The Sparkling Rose by itself is wonderfully lively, refreshing, and it dances on your tongue.  Invite all your friends over for brunch or take it to a summer outdoor picnic concert; it will go with cheese blintzes with fresh fruit or jam or with grilled fruit and smoked trout salad. Bacchus Schmaccus thinks he’d like it with lox and bagels while Ima Zinner wants this wine with waffles and blueberries.

According to the Exclusiv Vodca website:

Rose Moscato wine is cultivated from the Muscat grape, the only grape to produce wine with the same sweet aroma as the grape itself.  The Muscat grape gives Rose Moscato wine a sweet and rich aroma of dried fruits, raisins and oranges.

Exclusiv is made in Moldova, a country which gained independence from Russia in 1991. Read our review of Exclusiv Vodca here (as well as a super tasty drink with creme de cacao and fresh mint!)

We all agree this is a great inexpensive sparkler for Father’s Day brunch. Continue reading

Kunde Family Estate Wine: Sustainable, Affordable, Wonderful

Thursday June 7  we–Annie AnyDay, Bachuus Schmacchus, Ima Zinner, Que Syrah Sue, Marshall MoneyBags and I, The Wine Predator— had the pleasure of participating in the KundeLive twitter tasting of three estate wines: Magnolia Lane Sauvignon Blanc, Red Dirt Red, and Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.

This twitter tasting was a lot of fun–and really wild trying to keep up with the live video feed, everyone’s comments, and tweeting and taking notes ourselves! Here’s the link to the video if you want to watch it: http://youtu.be/YNnqbxpfrjs. And yes, they mention the Art Predator aka Wine Predator!

We were impressed with the Kunde Estate Wines to put it lightly. And not just because most of the movie Bottle Shock was filmed on site–including the Paris scenes! Continue reading

Join KundeLive Tasting Thurs June 7

There’s nothing like feeling special.

When I opened the box of these three Kunde Estate wines for  the KundeLive! twitter tasting Thursday, June 7th 5:30-6:30pm PacificTime, and slipped the seal apart on the folder to reveal a letter and materials, it made the wine seem super special–and me excited about the tasting. I eagerly read through to learn about the wines we’d be tasting.I already was looking forward to it.

The last one in fall was a blast, and once again Continue reading

Two SoCal Wine Festivals To Prowl This Weekend!

Wine Predator plans to prowl this weekend at two Southern California wine festivals this weekend: LA WineFest which runs  June 9 and 10, and the 26th Annual Ojai Wine Fest Sunday June 10 from 1-5pm on the shores of Lake Casitas near Ojai, CA. Continue reading