Barossa or Queensland Australia? If it’s wine, I want to taste it!

Have you tried any wine from Queensland Australia? Did you even know there were almost 200 wineries there?

I’ve been on pins and needles waiting to see whether I am one of 10 bloggers selected to go to Queensland Australia for a 5 day blogging adventure with ProBlogger Darren Rowse. In my application I said:

I will enthusiastically use my social media “Klout” to share stories about rainforest and Great Barrier Reef biodiversity, artists and poets like Oodgeroo Noonuccal, efforts to be green, and cutting-edge cuisine. Discovering Queensland’s growing wine industry and opportunities for hiking, camping, and other family friendly adventures are also topics of great excitement to me.

Of course, if I win, I’ll be letting you know about all the great food and wine I’ll be tasting Down Under!

In the meantime, back at home, my husband marinated wild duck breasts shot and caught by a friend of his which we had for our Sunday dinner and so I could work on my Wine Blogging Wednesday post about wine from the Barossa region north of Adelaide. It fit in with my Aussie mood.

Pictured are the three bottles of wine from the Barossa I pulled from the cellar: a cab, a shiraz and a montepulciano. You’ll have to wait until Wednesday to find out which one I chose to open! Here’s a hint: can you say duck wrapped in BACON? with a blueberry vermouth sauce?

Also coming soon to a Wine Predator near you: Jordan Winery’s 40th Birthday invite only industry bash Monday night April 23 from 7-10pm at the rooftop lounge at London in heart of Los Angeles! Check my twitter feed for photos with a blog post to follow!

4 thoughts on “Barossa or Queensland Australia? If it’s wine, I want to taste it!

  1. Fingers and toes crossed, you are coming to Australia! But, there is no way Queensland wineries can be compared to South Australia ones. So, having tried plenty :)on both of them…..Barossa rules.


  2. There are some good inexpensive wines (love to shop at Trader Joe’s here in SD – and also the Bev Mo’s of this world),and some so-so higher priced ones, but will say – there are also some very good – more expensive wines.


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