Happy 99th Birthday, Julia Child! Celebrate with some wine with dinner tonight!

Today, August 15, 2011 would have been Julia Child’s 99th birthday. To honor Julia, and her various accomplishments,  wine writer and educator Rosina Wilson suggests we all make this “Drink Wine with Dinner” day. And I certainly applaud that idea!  According to Rosina,

 “For decades, Julia Child showed America how natural and enjoyable it is to drink wine with dinner. What better reasons could there be for creating a day of joy and feasting ~ in Julia’s honor, and on her birthday!”

“Until now,” Rosina said in a press release, “there has been no official celebration to bring wine to the table. “Drink Wine With Dinner” Day will unite like-minded people throughout the world who love wine, love food, and love how much each can enhance the other.”

 How can YOU take part in  “Drink Wine With Dinner” Day? It’s easy!

No special fancy menu. You don’t have to make anything French or from a Julia Child recipe. Rosina assures us that “it doesn’t matter *what* you plan, as long as it involves wine, food, and people. It can be an upscale dinner at a restaurant or winery, with a different wine for each course. Or it can be a down-home backyard barbecue with friends, and a favorite value-priced bottle or two.”

Since my husband came home with ground turkey so we could grill up some burgers, and since I LOVE zinfandel with turkey and turkey burgers (with creamed blue cheese, arugula, and heirloom tomatoes plus corn on the cob!), I pulled a bottle of 2007 Eberle from the cellar; it’s 50%from  Steinbeck and 50% Wine-Bush (and 100% Paso Robles!) At 15.9%, it’s a little big for a midweek wine; we’ll have to pace ourselves and stick to one glass–each! I just opened it to write a bit about it so it’s still a bit closed but it’s still a classic zinfandel full of brambly fruit character going on–lots of blackberry on the nose, some raspberry,a little rose petal, and it explodes with sweet fruit on the palate with a nice berry and caramel finish. With that high alcohol, you’ll want to keep this wine cool, possibly even chilling it. Plastic cork (shame!). Retail:  $24 at the winery.

Looking for an inexpensive zin to pick up at the grocery store next time you’re getting the ingredients for turkey burgers? How about organic Bonterra, around $10? We had it the other night and it reminded me how much I love zinfandel’s spicey, brambley nature. Or try sustainable Redwood Creek, under $10. I had some last fall with turkey burgers and I was really pleased with the wine for the price; it was so wonderful with the turkey that we had the same wine and meal two nights in a row! For that summer BBQ at the beach with a bunch of people, check out Old Vine Zin in The Big Green Box; it’s really good and you don’t have to worry about spills or what to do with open bottles of wine! (Note the Redwood Creek and Big Green Box wines I received as samples, but if they weren’t worth drinking at their price point, I wouldn’t tell you about them!)

Rosina invites everyone to take part in “Drink Wine With Dinner” Day on or around August 15th. To publicize *your* plans, simply email Rosina ~ at RosinaWilson.com@gmail.com ~ with details about your event or menu. If you include wine-friendly recipes, Rosina will credit you.

“Each of us is spreading the word about “Drink Wine With Dinner” Day in our own way, with a big ripple effect,” Rosina comments. “I like to think of it as a semi-planned, semi-spontaneous, international ‘flash mob’ of food and wine lovers, springing up on August 15th and celebrating “Drink Wine With Dinner” Day in dozens, hundreds, or thousands of locales around the planet. Mainstream America deserves to know the pleasures of wine with dinner. And it’s finally time for us to catch up with the rest of the world!”

Learn more about  “Drink Wine With Dinner” Day at Rosina’s site. http://RosinaWilson.com

3 thoughts on “Happy 99th Birthday, Julia Child! Celebrate with some wine with dinner tonight!

  1. Hi Gwendolyn ~ Thanks so much for your *wonderful* writeup of “Drink Wine With DInner” Day! Actually, DW2D2 has drawn so much attention that we’re streeeetching it out to fill all of August ~ “Drink Wine With DInner” *Month*! I’ll keep posting recipes and pairings on http://RosinaWilson.com.

    I love your blog, and when I next come down to SoCal, I hope we can meet in person.

    Meanwhile, thanks once again ~


  2. Pingback: *Great* News ~ August is Now “Drink Wine With Dinner” *Month*!!!

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