Black Rock Wine Cellar Gifts Playa Storage

Back again in 2011 is the Black Rock Wine Cellar where you can store your wines and protect them from the insanely hot Black Rock Desert! According to Jack Rabbit, the BLACK ROCK WINE CELLAR IS GIFTING WINE STORAGE!

Wineaux writes: “The Black Rock Wine Cellar is once again opening its subterranean wine storage facility for public use.  If you have a precious bottle or two you would like to store in our refrigerated facility, swing on by and speak to our sommelier.  In addition to storage, we look forward to hosting the occasional tasting, in which we share some of our special selections.  Check out our chalk board at The Cellar for tasting dates and times.  And if you would like to participate in any capacity, please don’t hesitate to contact us.” Wineaux and DanO BlackrockcellarATgmailDOTcom

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Wine Weds: Where I'd like to be tasting wine today--the Black Rock Wine Cellar The annual Black Rock Arts Festival aka Burning Man is currently a huge happening out in the Nevada Desert northeast of Reno. And that’s where I’d like to be this Wine Wednesday, tasting and talking wine at the Black Rock Wine Cellar centrally located on the Esplanade and 7:30 near center camp.It would also be a super fun place to participate in tomorrow’s Cabernet Day organized by Rick Bakas. This is the team that’s putting it together: Lucifer … Read More

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