Part Two: What Happened to Wine Blogging Wednesday & Ideas on How to Revive It

Yesterday, in Part 1, I was musing about whatever happened to Wine Blogging Wednesday so I took my wondering self to the world wide web to see if anyone else was missing it.

And I found this blog post from August where, voila, I discovered I wasn’t the only one who wanted to see Wine Blogging Wednesday revived.

Seems Tim Elliot was wondering the same thing and eight or so wine bloggers commented.  Inqvine even suggested a theme: “Fungus Among-us” on botrytis wines.

“I would love to see WBW start up again,” Alleigh of A Glass after Work said in the comments. “It was a wonderful way to really become part of the wine blogging community. It was particularly interesting to see how other wine bloggers approached the same topic or the same wines. Inevitably, I learned something new. Now, as a more comfortable wine blogger, I think WBW would still a great way to meet new bloggers and taste new wines, but it always would be a chance to have further discussions about wine with other bloggers and not just my regular readers.”
So, I propose we get Wine Blogging Wednesday rolling again! I think we need to figure out themes and hosts a few months in advance, and not wait until WBW is over before posting the next theme. When one theme is announced and described a month in advance, the title and a hint of the following month’s theme plus a link to the next host should be in the blog post so we can plan ahead.
Those of us who participate could also spread the word at the next Wine Bloggers Conference; perhaps there could even be a session on how online events like Wine Blogging Wednesday helps bloggers, the wine industry, and consumers. 

So shall we get Wine Blogging Wednesday going again? Who’s with me? I think we’re on #70!
Although Wribbie tweeted that possibly WBW failed because it was too cliquish, I think we can work on that AND still have an established blogger with a strong readership and lots of social media umph to start it up again in January. Volunteers for January or beyond? Should we start with Tim Elliot? Or maybe the guy who started it all wants to start it again–Lenn Thompson?

In the coming months, could we get any of these prolific and active wine bloggers to host? Jeff Stai from Twisted Oak’s El Bloggo Torcido? How about Joe the 1WineDude who hosted #67? Hardy? Good Grape‘s Jeff? Ward Kadel? Thea aka the infamous WineBratSF? Sonadora of Wannabe Wino who hosted #60? Jo from Juicy Tales? Marcy Gordon? Remy of the Wine Case who hosted #55? Christopher Watkins from Ridge’s blog? Ken Payton? Russ the Wine Hiker? Joe and Amy Powers? Maybe some of the other folks who have been finalists for Wine Blogger Awards?

If everybody I listed above stepped up to volunteer with a theme, we’d have Wine Blogging Wednesday hosts all set for 2011 and going into 2012! In February, I’d be happy to host. I’m thinking about Portuguese reds–wild love, the road not taken, something off the beaten track for Valentine’s Day.

If we want this to work, we need to support it. We need to take the time to read each other’s posts and comment and to include everyone who wants to participate. I’ve heard a lot of complaints and discussions about how there’s a bunch of no-nothing wine bloggers out there ruining everyone’s else’s reputations. And there’s been a lot of discussions about how to raise the level of discourse and improve the quality of writing.
Well folks, this is a way to increase the level of wine blogging sophistication and reputation. Include everyone, get lots of bloggers on board, read and respond, and people will learn from each other’s best practices. It’s an investment for all of us but I think the results will be there.
If you’re in and you’d like to host, please say so in the comments! Thanks for reading! (and hey, while you’re here, please subscribe! Just click that button in the upper right hand corner–it’s easy as pie and port!)

6 thoughts on “Part Two: What Happened to Wine Blogging Wednesday & Ideas on How to Revive It

  1. All it really takes is for someone to own it: vet the themes (some themes really do need to not happen), assign the months, promote it, and make sure that the current month’s blogger properly flogs the next month so that there is an unbroken chain. It would help to take over the web site for WBW too.

    Does this mean you’re willing to own it? I’m willing to host! I’ve done it twice and it’s actually a lot of fun (and a lot of work, but whatever 😉


  2. I think you’re right Jeff, that there needs to be someone who facilitates it and makes it happen and there needs to be a “home” where people know they can go to find out what’s going on.

    And sure, I’m willing to be involved in making it happen again! I’ve got my fishing pole out there and I’m waiting to see who bites, who else is fishing, and of course who’s bringing the wine for the party!

    Thanks for offering to host, Jeff! If I have any questions about whether a theme is in good taste or not, I know who to ask…(uh, maybe not?)


    • um, yeah, maybe not!

      Actually I think the facilitator has the “easier” job in all this, and much of the glory 😉 She needs to be a decent editor and have decent organizational skills. I really hope you decide to do it!

      (I believe Tim has the keys to the WBW .org website, or knows who does.)


  3. I think that it’s great that you want to get it going again. It’s a good focus and does serve all the needs for the industry and for wine bloggers who are fascinated with it and write about it.

    If you host it in February and put out a challenge to the wine blogging community, I could probably host it for one month, too, but others must step forward for the rest of the year.

    See if you can get 10 more people to commit. January, February (my planning and holding PS I Love You), June, July (planning and hosting the Petite Sirah Symposium), October, November and December (communicating with over 1,000 people about the holidays) are my worst months.

    So, March, April, May, August, September are my open months.


  4. Jo, as a wine industry expert and publicist as well as a wonderful writer and committed blogger, I appreciate your opinion on this and your willingness to participate and host one month!

    And thank you Melanie, for stepping forward and offering to host as well!

    It looks like this will catch on and get going again!


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