Perfect Gift: Gorgeous Wine Glasses

Like shoes to many women, I find it hard to say no to fine wine glasses and fine linens–especially if they’re on sale.

What makes linens and wine glasses better than shoes is that they almost always fit. You have a very good chance that you’ll have a bed in your house for those sheets or you’ll know someone who does.

And wine glasses! I’ve found they make an excellent hostess gift and you can never have too many at home…because, unfortunately, they break. And since I’m often involved in events where wine is involved, I want to make sure the wine is served in decent glasses (and not plastic cups!) both for the aesthetic experience and to be greener. Even inexpensive wine will taste significantly better in a glass of any kind while fine wine really deserves to be served in glass.

While it’s obvious to my eye and my touch the difference between the look and the quality of linens, wine glasses aren’t. And really, I wondered, beyond being a reasonable size, does the shape of a wine glass make that much of a difference?

Yes, Virginia, just like there’s a Santa Claus, there IS a huge difference in how a wine tastes in different shaped glasses.

In  the coming weeks, I plan to explore the world of wine glasses to educate myself and to in turn share what I learn with you, dear reader so that you too will know which wine glasses to get!

But in the meantime, some quick advice about a few wine glasses you might be considering picking up Continue reading