EWBC: Session 1 Winery & Wine Blog Relations; Session 2 Monetising

The European Wine Bloggers Conference, like the American ones I attended in Santa Rose in 2008 and 2009,  is a confluence of various wine oriented businesses including wineries, importers and distribut0rs, not just wine bloggers.

Because I was trying to get online from my hotel room and had a tech there for an hour helping me, I missed this morning’s first two sessions and arrived in time to join Ken Payton, Amy Lillard, and Oscar Quevado in a discussion on Winery and Wine Blog Relations. They introduced themselves and then discussion commenced. Since the FCC has just changed the rules about disclosure, scaring wine bloggers everywhere, variations of the controversy dominated the conversation, including how do you determine who to send samples of wine to–how do you know whether a blogger has an audience at all or one that you want to reach.

In the second session I attended, Robert McIntosh moderated a session with Dan Coward, Rowan Gormley and Per Karlsson on “Monetising The Social Wine Grand.”

Once again, content is king. Offering content that people want to read and is valuable will lead to financial success of some sort–but not necessarily making money directly off your blog writing. So what do people want to read? What can you write about to develop an audience?

In a survey, readers in the Telegraph UK wanted to know what wines to buy at what price–mostly wines under $20.  Tell the consumer whether they should buy a wine or not. And give them a way to evaluate what you’re saying about the wine. But I know of several bloggers who are doing that well already. With so much wine being produced, there should be plenty of readers for all of us.

No surprise that the level of internet demand overwhelmed the resources and stopped many of us from bloggers and tweters in our tracks. Thankfully, my host Delfim Costa of Enoforum Wines came to my rescue by providing me with a “tmn” banda larga.” Somehow I am able to get on line when others can’t. Thanks Delfim! When I write and lose my content to internet snafus, I admit I get very frustrated. What’s worse is losing my writing like that tends to block the creative juices. We can’t have that now, can we??

Time for lunch and a tasting! Be back soon!

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