Regional Wine Week, Meet Blog Action Day on Climate Change 2009!

nowtopia_cover_4x6web by Chris CarlssonThree books that I’m into right now are perfect companions to Blog Action Day on Climate Change 2009 — Nowtopia: How Pirate Programmers, Outlaw Bicyclists and Vacant-Lot Gardeners Are Inventing the Future Today by Chris Carlsson (AK Press 2008), Critical Mass: Bicycling’s Defiant Celebration edited by Chris Carlsson (AK Press 2002) and Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne (Penguin 2009). Critical Mass edited by Chris Carlsson

And while you’re relaxing enjoying a book about how to combat climate change by getting out of your car and riding a bike or by growing your own food and supporting local agriculture, or by using biodiesel or by signing a petition or by preparing to speak out at a public meeting or by writing a blog post or by any number of different actions…

Why not ALSO participate in regional wine week? Try out being a locavore by eating locally produced foods and be a locapour with what you drink! Learn more about Regional Wine Week from Thea Dwelle aka @WineBratSF from her blog post here.

My choice for a locapour tonight would be the Indigena Syrah by Vino V which is produced about 10 miles away from me with the grapes grown about 6o miles away and where winemaker Michael Meagher experimented with indigenous yeasts which would have gone great with the potato, carrot and onion soup made from vegies from our CSA (consumer supported agriculture). Another choice for me would be wines from Casa Barranca which are locally produced wines made from organically grown grapes.

How are you changing YOUR lifestyle to combat climate change and participate in being part of the solution instead of the problem?Re