Wine Blogging Wednesday #62: A Grape By Any Other Name

Wine Blogging WednesdayAccording to Dale,

“The idea is to taste wines labelled with their lesser-known varietal synonyms. For example:

  • Instead of Zinfandel, try a Primitivo
  • Instead of Grenache, try a Garnacha
  • Instead of Shiraz, try a Syrah
  • Instead of Sauvignon Blanc, try a Fume Blanc
  • Instead of Pinot Grigio, try a Pinot Gris

Regional alternative names are allowed too. For example:

  • Instead of Sauvignon Blanc, try a Sancerre

His post even offers a List of Grapevine Varieties from the National Grape Registry and he encourages participants to try BOTH the traditionally named grape AND its alternative, and, as he says

“Extra geek cred for the most obscure grape review!”

Want to participate? Find your wine by another name and drink up! Then, post next Weds. Oct 14 and Email Dale with a link to your post to be included in the roundup.

I’ve been trying to do them each month since December. It’s a lot of fun so go for it! Let me know if you do!

Now for the real challenge: which pair of wines do I taste? I’m leaning hard toward zin/primitivo! Any suggestions?