Wine Blogger’s Conference 2009: Round up the posts!

Here’s a round up of what I posted over on my Art Predator blog. Many of these posts were “live blogged” meaning I wrote them during the session and posted them during the session then added to them as the session progressed and cleaned them up immediately after. If you want to read them in the order I wrote and posted them, start at the bottom and work you way up. If you want to read the narrative as it occurred, read the posts above going up.

7.31.09 WBC 09 Day 3: Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County

7.31.09 WBC 09: Sex and the Sauterne

7.30.09 WBC 09 Day 2: Napa Napa Here We Come!

7.29.09 WBC 09 Day 1: American Wine Blog Awards, wifi whines & lots of Sonoma County wine

07.28.09 On the way to WBC 2009

7.27.09 Some winery inspired poetry from Ridge’s blog by Christopher Watkins

7.26.09 WBC 09: Tips on Using Video from Hardy Wallace, Drink This TV, Lisa DeBruin and more

07.25.09 WBC 09 Keynote address by Jim Gordon: Wine Trends Worth Blogging About

7.25.09 WBC 09 Keynote Address by Barry Schuler: “The Future of Blogging and Social Media”

7.25.09 WBC 09: The Real CIA is in Napa

7.25.09 WBC 09 Live Blogging: Rodney Strong Cab Alex Valley 05’s got the fins of a 50s caddy

7.24.09 WBC 09 Live Blog: El Milona HS school project grows next gen of wine growers

7.24.09 WBC 09 Live Wine Blogging: Benovia 07 Pinot Noir Savoy vineyard

7.23.09 AS IF the WBC wasn’t enough to call Art Predator to the SF Bay Area

07.22.09 Art Predator Off to the 2009 Wine Bloggers Conference in Sonoma

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