Green Drinks & Wine Blogging Wednesday October: Blog Action Day 2009

Yes, it’s that time of the month where two of my passions collide on the same day–the in-person Green Activism & Networking event known as “Green Drinks” and the on-line wine reviewing event, “Wine Blogging Wednesday” –both happening tomorrow, Wednesday October 14 which is also the day before Blog Action Day 2009!

Green Drinks is a monthly international networking event for folks in green businesses or with environmental interests. You should be able to find one somewhere near you although getting there may not be all that green! For me, tomorrow, Green Drinks happens at my favorite and local brew pub, Anacapa Brewing Company, right down the street from me on 472 Main in downtown Ventura.

I always ride my bike to Green Drinks and this time I have my new BIKERGO to show off! I am so excited! I can’t wait to see the smile on Tea’s face when I get her on this bike! And I know Rachel Morris of VCCOOL is going to get a huge kick out of it too. Who’s up for joining me there tomorrow when I finish up teaching at Ventura College?

Tonight I’ll be tasting and reviewing and writing my Wine Blogging Wednesday post with help from my visiting from Long Island friend Jane. I’m going to compare a Primitivo from Sobon Family Wines with their Zinfandel. I’ve only had a barrel tasting of a primitivo–never tasted the bottled wine before and I was amazed how different the barrel tasting was from my expectations of something that’s purported to be similar to zin. We’re going to go to Ferraro’s for dinner and we’ll bring the wines–should be a good pairing of food with drink!

I’m also excited about this wine because it too is a “Green Drink” as Sobon Estate is a family-owned winery with a reputation for producing the best possible wines using low-yield viticulture and minimum intervention wine making techniques; the wines are made with their own sustainably-grown grapes which “reflect the unique Shenandoah Valley terroir, resulting in a richness and intensity rarely seen elsewhere” according to their website. I’m not familiar with wines from this region so that’s another reason to be excited about this pairing.

Watch for that post to show up some time on Wednesday–which is, wonderfully enough, the day before Blog Action Day for 2009 with a theme of Climate Change so I will tie in how buying sustainably grown wine will help!

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