Have fun, Sonadora, wine blogging in Portugal! Wine Predator Comes in Second!

A twitter post from Jo Diaz about a contest for a wine blogger to travel to Portugal drew me like a mouse to cheese to her blog where I found out that yes, the winner would get an all expense paid trip to travel in Portugal for week exploring the wines and the region plus $1000!

Something right up my alley!! So of course, even though I found out about the contest only a day or two before the deadline, I applied, getting my submission in just in time! Here are my 200 words:

WOW an all expense paid trip to the Alentejo Wine Region of Portugal with Jo Diaz of Wine-blog.org? And to blog five entries?

Choose me, Art Predator aka Wine Predator! Have Macbook, will travel! And blog like mad about wine!

As an established blogger, I’ve posted live at the 2008 and 2009 Wine Bloggers Conferences, at WordCamps and other events.

As Art Predator, I prowl for the aesthetic—that which engages the whole soul, according to Coleridge. Wine, food, travel: I’m always looking for exciting experiences to share with my readers and subscribers.

Plus I’ve never been to Europe! Instead of a post college trek Continental trek, I backpacked from Mexico to Canada. They don’t call me a “wash’n’wear” kind of gal for nothing!

I am thrilled by the opportunity to share with readers the joys of the journey and what I learn about the exciting wines of this region. With my background in creative writing and environmental studies, I will write with flair about the land and the people, because as lovely as the wines may be, it’s the stories that surround them that create a full aesthetic experience which “engages our souls.”

Well the good news is that the wonderful Wannabe Wino aka Sonadora is going to Portugal at the end of the month to attend Enoforum with Jo Diaz of WineBlog.org and to write at least five blog posts about the trip and her experiences!

And the other good news is I’m first runner-up to go!

I know, I know, it could be seen as all bad news. But it’s really not. I am thrilled to be first runner-up behind Sonadora. I read her blog, Wannabe Wino, where she was a fabulous host to the August Wine Blogging Wednesday prompt and she has does an excellent and honest job of describing and reviewing wines, we follow each other on twitter, not to mention she had a really great response to the challenge of saying why she should be chosen to go! You can read her response and the announcement that she won on Jo Diaz’s blog here.

What an amazing opportunity for Sonadora! The European Wine Bloggers Conference is happening when they arrive, and I am sure that Sonadora, like I would, will take advantage of the chance to attend everything and do everything she possibly can.

So who or what is this Enoforum which is sponsoring the trip? According to Jo Diaz, “the six founders are the six cooperative wineries from the Alentejo Region, in the south of Portugal. These six wineries encompass 12.000 hectares (296,523 acres) of vineyards, with a yearly production of 60 million litres (6.7 million cases) of wine. In September 2005, new shareholders joined this group: “PME Investimentos, S.A.” and “INVOCAPITAL, S.A.”” They will also be hosting Jo and Sonadora for a few days in Lisbon.

Have a fun time you two! I look forward to reading about the trip!

And what does this mean to me, Wine Predator? And what does it mean to you, oh faithful Wine Predator reader?

I’m inspired! I’m invigorated!

You may have noticed that I’ve slacked off some here…but I’m back! And I have a lot of wine bottles hanging around waiting to be written about!!

So we’ll see you around!!

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