Who Won 2021 World Wine Tasting Championship, Who Competed for Team USA, and A Lawsuit


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Who Won the 2021 World Wine Tasting Championship? Who Competed for Team USA? What wines were tasted? And what’s that lawsuit all about? I’ll do my best to answer these questions and more starting with who won by identifying the most wines “blind”! At the World Wine Tasting Championships organized by La Revue du vin de France and held today at Chateauneuf-du-Pape, France, the winning team scored an astounding 166 points! And which team took the trophy and wines home to which country?

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Who will compete in France in 2021? The independent spirit, winning, and who made the USA Wine Team

the brilliant logo on the back of my USA Wine Team jacket

July 4 celebrates the independent spirit of the United States of America. 

For me, July 4 was really all about the fireworks and family gatherings, although the Bicentennial in 1976 was special, after our country survived Watergate.

As a parent, participating in the City of Ventura Push-Em Pull-Em Parade on July 4 with my family and my community filled me with pride and joy as we walked down a closed Main Street toward downtown. 

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