Happy Valentine’s Adventures from Wine Predator!

Happy Valentine’s Day! As Art Predator and Wine Predator, I’m on the prowl for good wine and good adventures! May your Valentine’s Day be full of joyous adventures with fine wine, good times, and good friends!

Have an adventurous Valentine's Day! Cheers!

Have an adventurous Valentine’s Day! Cheers!

Remember to celebrate Valentine’s Day every day with romance, adventure, and fun! That might mean sparkling wine and fancy dinners or something as simple as a heart shaped bagel and a foot rub!

How do you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Will you be opening any special wine? We began our celebration last Sunday with steak and lobster paired with Chalk Hill Chardonnay and Cantara Cellars Franknvine, and we’ll keep celebrating over the ling weekend with wine from Steven Kent (leftovers from tomorrow’s tasting!) and Chile too!

No matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year–with red, white, rose, or bubbles!– a toast to YOU, my readers and subscribers! Cheers!

Oh and can you help ME go on an adventure? Just vote here for me to go to Chile where I will blog my heart out for you about the food, the wine, and the adventure!



PS I found the Adventure Time artwork here. My son and I added the text for his valentine’s day cards then I changed it to be from me!

February Fun Part 1: A Valentine’s Gift of Moscato Allegro

  • Tue. Feb. 12 Fat Tuesday
  • Thu. Feb. 14 Valentine’s Day
  • Thu. Feb. 14-18 Valentine n Wine, Ventura County
  • Fri. Feb. 15 Twitter Tasting 4-6pm PST Steven Kent Winery
  • Sat. Feb. 16 Garagiste South Tasting, Solvang
  • Thu. Feb. 21 City of Bordeaux Twitter Wine Party
  • Fri. Feb. 22 Dark and Delicious Petite Sirah Tasting, Rock Wall, Alameda

Happy Valentine’s Day! Unless you’ve spent your life under a rock, you know that Thursday February 14 is Valentine’s Day, a day when young and old celebrate love and friendship.

Last Friday, I received an unexpected early Valentine’s gift from the fine folks at Balzac Communications: two bottles of Martin & Weyrich 2011 Moscato Allegro: one rose, one white to make my Valentine’s Day even sweeter! Although now that I think about it, I remember last year, Balzac sent me a bottle of the Crusher Rose and a box of truffles–yum! As if my life as a wine blogger wasn’t already overflowing with benefits!

While I haven’t opened either yet, with residual sugars just above 6%, I know they will have a nice sweet character, yet the Muscat Canelli grape from which the Moscato Allegro is made is reknowned for retaining its acidity so it should have a good balance without being cloying. The rose, as you can see from the photo I posted on twitter, is a deep salmon color which comes from a “kiss” of red wine (instead of having the color from a red grape that didn’t have contact with the skin which is what makes red wines red).  The high residual sugars also means these wines are lower in alcohol–only 8.5% instead of the more typical 12-14% –a great wine for dessert on a school night or to mix in a cocktail or with St Germain! The screwtop has me thinking about bringing one along on romantic picnic. Retails for $12. When I get a chance to open them, I’ll let you know what I think!

Tue. Feb. 12 is Fat Tuesday! We’ll celebrate Mardi Gras Sat. March 2 in Ojai. Will you be celebrating? How? What wines do you enjoy with New Orleans style cuisine? I’m thinking this Moscato Allegro might be a good choice for that spicy cuisine and good times!

To be continued with details about the events listed above!