Wine Predator Named One of 5 “Wine Chicks that Click”!

Did you know that there are about 1500 active wine blogs? And that about 1000 of them are written by “citizen bloggers” like me?WBC13

See a list of Wine Bloggers here.

Allan Wright and his colleagues who organize the North American Wine Blogger’s Conference keep track of this kind of info; recently, I completed a survey for them for wine bloggers and another one for food bloggers. (Did you know I spoke at a wine and food panel at the International Food Bloggers Conference November 2011? Yep! I also spoke at the 5th WBC in Portland!)

A week ago, Lettie Teague of the Wall Street Journal posted about the State of the Wine Bloggosphere using information from an interview with Allan Wright and after reading 10,000 pages of blogs.

Her results? Five blogs written by men.

This has happened before–where lists of influential/important/you name it blogs only list those written by male bloggers. This has happened more than once.

These lists create a conversation because then other bloggers make their lists. And we all look at each others’ lists. And check out those blogs. So it may seem like so much navel gazing but actually it gets us out and about.

Wine bloggers who responded in the past with lists of their own included Jo Diaz and Michael Wangbickler.  I’m proud to say that both of these industry influencers listed me and my blog as blogs they read, pay attention to, and enjoy.

Yesterday, Marcy Gordon responded to Lettie Teague’s all male list with a list of her own. And once again, I am thrilled to report, that list included me! Joining me on the list are some of my favorite women in wine and wine blogging (photos are their twitter avatars):

f5e20758e598f3dad72426ddd7400646_biggerLily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka

hkx1xh8yd3zd1uyvsaas_biggerMadeline Puckette

92aec03706648e54025ed62f763a2f5a_biggerMeg Houston Maker and

Thea Dwelle

I would certainly round out this list with Marcy’s blog–I love her humor and the travels and the travaiCROP_0819_normalls as well as her literary awareness.

Check out Marcy’s post and her list with her reasons:

Another good way to discover new wine blogs is to check out the nominees for the annual Wine Blogger awards. They should be posted soon for voting as the North American Wine Bloggers Conference is coming up June 6, 7, 8 in Penticton, BC. It will probably sell out once again, so if you’re interested, sign up now! If you want to help out a poor citizen blogger like me to attend, donate to the Wine Bloggers Scholarship fund! It’s tax deductible! If you’d like to win a room at the conference hotel sponsored by TheWinedUp and, enter and they will donate $5 to the scholarship fund for every entry!

Oh–You still want to know who those guy bloggers are? Here you go:

Brooklynguy’s Wine and Food Blog
Odd Bacchus
The Cellar-Fella
Benito’s Wine

5 thoughts on “Wine Predator Named One of 5 “Wine Chicks that Click”!

  1. It’s no surprise to me that you made Marcy’s list. Your blog is interesting, witty and information-packed. Plus you’re super cool in person, too. 🙂 Way to go! Cheers!!


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