Riesling Renaissance: Around the World With 5 Wines with Cheeses, Corned Beef #RieslingDay

cheese with Riesling!!

Happy Birthday Riesling, you’re another year older today!

On March 13, Riesling celebrates its 586th birthday– and we’re celebrating with five wines from around the world!

Why March 13?

Riesling’s first mention in a written document occurred on this day in 1435 in an invoice from Klaus Kleinfisch to his lord, Count Johann IV of Katzenelnbogen, for the purchase of Riesling vines to be planted next to the fort he was building, according to Wines of Germany.

While Riesling is grown around the world, most people associate the grape with Germany where Riesling grows in 25% of the vineyards, and 45 percent of all Rieslings in the world grow there– 56k acres!  Riesling spread quickly in Germany due in part to the long maturation period and frost resistance. In the Rheingau and on the Mosel documents show Riesling growing there  dating back to the years 1435 or 1465.

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Join us tonight! Rieslings from the Finger Lakes 2012 Vintage Part 1

BUT7mYHIYAE7SPGSometimes when it rains it pours–wine that is!

Following Friday’s phenomenal Franciacorta tasting of six sparkling Italian wines, today it’s time to switch gears and open up five newly released Riesling from the Finger Lakes in NY, followed by Tuesday’s Touraine tasting of five different examples of Sauvignon Blanc form the Loire Valley.

Tonight’s tasting will be streamed live on USTREAM (http://www.ustream.tv/channel/finger-lakes-wine-virtual-tasting-series) where wine makers and winery reps will share their expertise and answer our previously submitted questions as well as respond to questions and comments on twitter using the hashtag #FLXWineVT. Continue reading

Which Wine Goes With Which Cheese?

576237_10151378942482017_811538110_nWhich cheese should you pair with which wine? Which wine goes with which cheese?

This wine/cheese pie chart from Wine Fetch offers a few ways to answer that question.

I’m preparing for a Twitter tasting of four Rieslings from Alsace on Thursday  from 4-5pm (more on that in tomorrow’s post!) so Annie AnyDay and I were discussing today what we should fix to pair with them.

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