Countering Paris Blues with French Rosé and Monte Cristo Seasoned Fontal Sandwiches for #Winophiles

Countering Paris Blues with French Rosé and Monte Cristo

Paris. The City of Light. Named after the Parisii, a Gallic people who inhabited it early in its history. Subject of countless works of art, including films. Home to street cafes– which in turn are home to stolen kisses, substantial sighs, sips of coffee, and nibbles of treats both savory and sweet. 

I’ve been in Paris in the heat of summer where my son and I and a friend and his son sat in Monmontre never the Cathedral outside on a very warm evening sipping Rosé and enjoying the view. 

Gwendolyn Alley, Tony Fletcher, Noel Fletcher, Reed Sheridan 8/18

They live on the east coast and we live on the west coast and yet here we were in Paris for the same 48 hours. Plus Tony and his son speak French! Very helpful. The next day we went out for crepes, which again we paired with rose.

my 14 year old foodie devouring a bistro meal

Mostly, my son and I ate food we bought from the store, picnic style but we did go out on our own in Paris (see above and below):

happy 14 year old in a Paris bistro

Read more about the adventures my son and I had in Paris here, plus tasting notes from the wine made from grapes grown there!

Sue and I visited Paris during crisp fall days, and enjoyed two dinners out in bistros,  and a lunch at a sidewalk cafe too. Here’s a menu board:

menu board

I’ve yet to experience Paris in winter or spring except via movies, so if you can’t get to Paris anytime soon, you can always travel there by enjoying a glass of French wine and watching a movie!

Most people remember the Woody Allen Midnight in Paris (decoded here).


Less well known but very important is the ground breaking film Paris Blues, based on a book about an interracial romance. The film with Sidney Poitier, Dianne Carol, JoAnne Woodward, and Paul Newman makes a statement about black characters trying to find a racially tolerant place– one that America doesn’t offer and Paris does while also paying tribute to jazz and the ideals of the French Revolution. 

For a completely different take and time period, check out another film set in Paris that takes its title from Henry IV– Favorites of the Moon. The 1984 film by the self-exiled Soviet Georgian filmmaker Otar Iosseliani “is a charming puzzlement, a web of convoluted comic connection predicated on the interpenetration of past and present. The movie, out on Blu-ray and DVD, has a civilized, playful quality. It’s a game that teaches you how to watch it — eyes darting and mind racing” writes J. Holberman in the New York Times.

And of course there’s a favorite of ours Hugo which shares a magical view of Paris:

Today we celebrate spring in Paris with a simple, satisfying menu inspired by the bistros of Paris: three Rosé wines all under $25, and two kinds of Monte Cristo sandwiches made with organic turkey and ham, and Fontal cheese seasoned with Bergamot and Hibiscus or Dijon Herb.

Countering Paris Blues with French Rosé and Monte Cristo

French Rosé Wines

  • 2019 Art of Earth Rosé Wine, Vin de France –organic!
  • 2020 Kind of Wild Rosé, Pays d’Herault IGP– organic!
  • 2021 Herose Rosé, IGP Méditerranée


  • Monte Cristo Sandwiches with seasoned Fontal: 
    Bergamont and Hibiscus Fontal  
    Dijon Herb Fontal
  • Fresh green salad with a honey lemon dijon vinegarette,
  • White chocolate lemon infused mascarpone truffles

This basic menu of high quality ingredients over delivers with every one of our wines this evening. Last time we paired Monte Cristo with these French wines under $20.

Art of Earth

2019 Art of Earth Rosé Wine, Vin de France

ABV: 13%
SRP: $14
Grapes: organic 
Importer: Mack & Schuhle Inc. 

Dry farmed old organic vines are the start for this Rosé. Certified by EcoCert, France. 

Common sense says to drink rose wines when they are new and fresh. Generally, that’s your best bet, but if you find an older rose in your cellar, or on sale, chill it, and check it out! With some age, an older rose often pairs very well with food — if no longer the pool…

Appearance:  Salmon, copper, pale golden rim

Aroma: Saltine cracker, apple blossom, fresh cherries, fresh herbs, with food on the palate the aroma becomes more appealing, lavender, herbs de Provence, 

Palate: Salinity, apple blossom, floral and herbal than fruity, anise on the finish, bentonite clay, pleasant mouthfeel, there is a slickness, easy to access, great summer sipper, 

Pairing: This was not Sue’s favorite wine to begin with, but with food on the palate it is a completely different wine. So fantastic with our salad loving the lemon dijon vinegarette. Both expressions of the sandwiches were perfect with the wine loving the herbal elements in both of the cheeses. This wine was not either of our favorites while tasting through the wine, but this menu and the wine was so great together elevating both the food and the wine even through the dessert, which is unexpectedly surprising. It was great on a subsequent day with grilled chicken. 

Kind of Wild

2020 Kind of Wild Rosé, Pays d’Herault IGP

ABV: 12%
SRP: $25
Grapes: CCOF certified organic 50% Syrah, 50% Grenache
Importer: Kind of Wild

Kind of Wild launched Earth Day 2021–  the first globally sourced, organic and vegan certified direct-to-consumer wine brand in the USA.  Kind Of Wild offers a sustainably made portfolio of 6 organic wines from 6 different countries.

This Rosé comes from Pays d’Herault IGP, department of the Languedoc-Roussillon region in southern France bordering Spain and Mediterranean. 

Appearance:  Copper, rose gold, 

Aroma: Very subtle nose, cinnamon, cloves, cherry, sour cherry, carnation, 

Palate: Dry, tart, crisp, sour cherry, lime,  fennel, sage, saline, a bit bitter on the finish, 

Pairing: Fantastic with the salad, not only was the dressing perfect with the wine the dried fruit and nut mixture on the top added to the pleasurable experience. The wine resonates with the bit of lemon in the salad dressing. The herbal crust in the fontanel cheese take the monte cristo sandwich over the top and paired with the wine it is heavenly. There are so many different layers of flavors that show up in the dessert when paired with the wine. The dessert shine so much more than the dessert, but they work together well. The richness of the chocolate and the tart creamy Marcapone is fabulous with the wine. This is not an obvious pairing, but it does work together. 

2021 Herose Rosé, IGP Méditerranée

2021 Herose Rosé, IGP Méditerranée

ABV: 12.5%
SRP: text
Grapes: text

From a cooperative winery in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Cellier des Princes has a range of rosés including this one from the new IGP Méditerranée, Herose. The cellar 150 cooperative winegrowers get their inspiration from  those of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, and these Côtes du Rhône grapes are hand-picked. The vineyards are managed to be certified High Environmental Value (HVE), using recyclable packaging, waste sorting, water management, adding more organic wines, and with photovoltaic panels on the roof of the winery allowing the saving of 142 tons of CO2 emissions.


Appearance:  Very pale, rose gold, catches the light nicely

Aroma: Soft subtle, meadow, pollen, meadow flowers, grasses, watermelon, with food on the palate the aroma changes a bit, there is more lavender and herbs de Provence. 

Palate: Clean and fresh, nicely appealing, it doesn’t demand or command, it is an easy drinking sipper, very dry, grass, oxalis, 

Pairing: The peppery nastisursim flowers in the salad were so fun with the wine. The wine really responds to the spicy radish notes in the flower, very nice with the dijon crusted cheese in one of the Monte Cristo sandwiches, however the bergamot and hibiscus crusted cheese in the Monte Cristo sandwiches is perfect and elevating to the wine. OMG we were so blown away with how well the wine went with the truffles. It was so fantastic an worked in the same way as the salad dressing on our salad. The truffle was tart with the lemon and creamy rich with the white chocolate and perfect with the wine. 

French rose and lemon truffles

For more Paris in Spring Bistro pairings and inspiration, check out: 

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April in Paris Sweet Peas beginning to bloom now at my house!

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