Ventura County Vineyards: Grapes Growing Below the Fillmore F

this vineyard is located just below the F for Fillmore along the 126 in Ventura County

I have a great story to tell about this vineyard. About head training. About drought. About climate change. About wandering around in a citrus orchard on a cold windy wintry day. About sandwiches from Roan. About the Block F Zinfandel made from the first harvest from this vineyard that the bears didn’t get.

But I had an adventurous day today which included breaking a PVC pipe while watering my garden on an 80 degree day, which meant turning off the water but since I didn’t turn off the main meant there was a lot of mud to clean up, and being muddy, and no water to clean it off me, and places to go and people to see including interviewing to foster (and likely ADOPT) a DOG made for a complicated and exhausting day!

This dog though!

Look at that happy smile! Look at those pointy ears! 

So please forgive me. I’ll tell you all about that other adventure, the one I’d planned on writing about today? I’ll see you tomorrow. And if you can’t wait, here’s links to my monthly installments going back to January 2019.

Oh and I signed up for the Wine Media Conference! 

I’m going to Italy!

But first I’m going to sleep… and perchance to dream… of dogs and vineyards and hopefully no bears…

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