Happy New Year? Dry January? Omicron? Veni, Vidi, Vici or Vixi?

Happy New Year 2022

Just a week ago, I wrote a post that began with: Veni, Vidi, Vici: I came, I saw, I conquered. And: Veni, vidi, vixi — I came, I saw, I lived. I was so feeling that energy that I almost bought this planner:

I Came. I Saw. I…

Instead, I bought this one because I am launching into 2022 with a new direction and purpose in life (scroll down for more details!)

planner with a purpose

I wonder if my life might have gone differently if I’d chosen the other planner because a few days later, it’s been an unintentionally dry and unproductive January. And here’s why:

COVID test

Yep, my kid tested positive for COVID and while mine showed up negative, when I had my telemedicine appointment 36 hours later, I was desperately ill, and the doc prescribed lots of meds, told me no alcohol, and to stay home. 

So it’s Dry January for me so far and so much for my January birthday plans: my massage with Cheryl Golden Bear– cancelled; my chiropractic appointment–cancelled; my teeth cleaning–cancelled; my mani-pedi–cancelled; and worst of all, a birthday bash with lots of bottles of bubbles with my gal pals Sue Hill, Gretel Compton, and Kathy Tally–cancelled. Sue and I had spent an hour or so discussing various sparkling wines and pairing ideas to come up with a plan that would take us around the world to a few unexpected places: Austria, Germany, South Africa, Argentina, Lodi! 

Worse, hanging around the house you’d think I’d get caught up on some writing or planning. But not really. When you’re sick even with the less severe Omicron variant, you’re still sick, you still hurt, and you still don’t feel like doing much except watch movies like the Harry Potter 20th Reunion special and Dr. Strange. I don’t make time to watch movies much so that’s nice (over the holidays we also watched Don’t Look Up). 

Lots and lots of people are in the same boat. And it could be worse, much worse, because so many people are being hospitalized and even dying:

Because I’m vaccinated, it’s expected that my bout with Omicron will continue to be “mild” — and while mild is miserable, I’m not in the hospital, I can still smell when I’m not too stuffed up, my homemade chai and lemon grass teas taste good.. but I don’t have much of an appetite for anything else. (Yes both the homemade chai and the ginger/lemongrass teas helped a lot. I’m also a huge fan of ozonated water and ozonated oil (which I make), as well as mouthwash (here’s my recipe). 

This is a temporary setback, and I’ll be back on track soon I’m sure, hopefully in time for my big birthday Tuesday 1/11/22. And with any luck, I’ll be able to pop some bubbles by then, and get them written up for Part Two of “Wines Around the World.” 

Right now, I’m grateful for my “last meal” — a steak from sustainable Stemple Creek Ranch with gorgonzola paired with two sustainable Bordeaxu– and I’m sure there will be more.

Sustainable Bordeaux and beef from Stemple Creek Ranch

In closing:

  • We will kick Omicron’s butt. 
  • We will adventure again.
  • We will be able to say: Veni, vidi, vixi — I came, I saw, I lived.

So please, for my birthday, please:

  1. Subscribe to Wine Predator 
  2. Take this survey– help me head off in my new direction hosting tours with wine, writing, and walking:
  3. And have a drink for me! 

photo by George rose, tiara by Lisa Stoll

PS Coming soon: alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, Stemple Creek Ranch Beef and Bordeaux, Stemple Creek Ranch brisket and Ampelos Syrah, endless summer with Longboard Syrah and Sparkling Wine, more Slow Wine Guide wines, and more! 


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year? Dry January? Omicron? Veni, Vidi, Vici or Vixi?

  1. Sorry about the Covid for you and Reed. Hope everyone is well soon. I’m joining you for a dry January, but I’ll be extending mine until 2023. So it’s a dry 2022. Much success to our new travel endeavor.

    Liked by 1 person

    • M’s got it too… but we’re all on the mend this morning! And Kathy’s bringing us ginger and soup supplies. I’ll miss sharing wine with you and the Ventucky Wine Tribe in 2022! And I’m definitely going to be “wet” on my birthday on Tuesday– I should be well enough by then!


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