Biodynamic Champagne Vincent Charlot “Fruit of My Passion” + Prawns, Polenta #ChampagneDay

Champagne Vincent Charlot

“The Fruit of My Passion.” As the world opens up now that many of us are vaccinated, we can once again gather together. What better way to celebrate the “After Time” but with a glass of Champagne in a toast with loved ones?  #ChampagneDay (held annually on the fourth Friday of October with the 12th annual global Champagne Day Friday, October 22) celebrates all things Champagne– the fruit of passion?  Check out the Champagne Day website for virtual events or nearby ones.

Vincent Charlot, Caroline Henry, and Sue Hill inspect the vineyard

For Sue and I, Champagne Day is a chance to remember and reflect on our amazing experience there in October of 2019 where we visited several biodynamic wineries, met winemakers, explored the city of Reims, and took drives through the vineyards under sunny skies and rainstorms too, thanks to author Caroline Henry. A highlight of our trip to France was our walk, talk, and tasting with Vincent Charlot (which I wrote about here). And I found a bottle of his 2013 wine in LA for us to feature today! Continue reading