And the Wine Media Conference in 2022 will be…

After the lightening talks, Allan Wright announced where the next Wine Media Conference will be:

and the truth is, he says, his staff hasn’t had time to organize it, and we’re still in a pandemic period which means no one is ready to commit. Many tourism organizations are merely trying to survive.

Instead, Allan will be sending surveys and asking us where we’d like to go.

One possibility is the Texas Hill Country. Tom Wark has suggested New York City, but it’s expensive there.

The conference has yet to visit Paso Robles… but that’s because they have yet to say yes.

Allan says he’s flirting with the UP, upper peninsula of Michigan.

And there’s a chance of going to Europe — Bordeaux and Abruzzo in Italy has expressed interest.

So if you get a survey then fill it out!

The conference this year has been great, especially the pre and post conference excursions.

I will be posting more about the Wine Media Conference soon, including the pre-conference excursion to Southern Oregon and a post-conference excursion to the northern east area of Mt Hood.

Thanks to everyone who prepared such wonderful content. I look forward to checking out your slide decks and learning more!

Overall, another successful event. Perhaps fewer people because of COVID — adequate budget and sufficient staff being factors.

At the last minute many in the region weren’t able to follow through on their commitments.

For example, Friday night excursion locations cancelled, leaving just Pfeiffer who offered to take half of the bloggers and a second excursion came together last minute in downtown Eugene. Both were flawed but something is better than nothing.

While most people have good intentions, the bottom line is attendees need to write about what they’ve done and what they’ve learned during the past few days.

Looking forward to next year and let’s hope the conference content will be up to previous years.

And thanks again to all of the sponsors!!


PS My lightening talk went great! More on that soon too!





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