Wine Media Conference Live Wine Social: White/Rosé Speed Tasting

photo by George Rose #WMC21; cork tiaras by USA Wine Tasting team member Lisa Stoll

What do the Wine Media Conference “speed tasting” sessions and the World Blind Wine Tasting Championship have in common? In both, participants have eight minutes to figure out a wine! The big difference? Actually they really are opposite: At the Wine Media Conference 2021 event, someone told us about the wine and we had eight minutes to come up with our assessment, and hopefully tweet, post, publish about it while at the World Wine Tasting Championships, in those same eight minutes we must figure out the grape, country, region, year, and producer on our own — with our team.  

Team USA in 2019 (left to right: Tyler Robertson, Sue Hill, Gwendolyn Alley, Jacob Fergus) at Chateau Chambord with the coach

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