Wine Future 2021: Highlights from Days 1 and 2

In 2018, wine industry thought leaders developed The Porto Protocol which states:

As wine producers, we strongly support and sustain rural communities and landscapes. Many of our vineyards are located in areas of great natural beauty, with rich histories and unique ecologies that we are committed to preserve. 

The conversation continued in 2019 at the  Conference about Climate Change & Wine Industry held again in Porto, Portugal. In 2019, the conference faced the climate challenge head on featuring former Vice President Al Gore, poster boy and presenter of An Inconvenient Truth (2006) which opened the eyes of many Americans to the challenges we face with regards to global warming and climate change.

I really wanted to attend the 2019 conference, but when in 2021, the Wine Future conversation went virtual with participants from all over the world converging from 4-8pm Madrid time– or 7am-11am Pacific time where I live in California– I could. And I did as a member of the press.  What follows are some of the more important points from my notes from Wine Future 2021 Days 1 and 2 followed by notes from Days 3 and 4

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