Enjoy a Sustainable #CabernetDay with Lapostolle: 2010 and 2018

Lapostolle Alexander Cuvee Cabernet from 2010 and 2018 paired with the best burger ever

Hard to believe it, but back in November 2008, I started this wine blog, and in December 2008, I participated for the first time in Wine Blogging Wednesday #52’s challenge to write about a Chilean wine under $20 (anybody else remember Wine Blogging Wednesday?)

For my first Wine Blogging Wednesday participation, I chose a 2006 Lapastolle Cabernet Sauvignon; read more of that story here. 

A year or so later, a friend and I invested in a case of Wine Spectator Top 100 wines that we’d drink together with a group of friends. I stored half, and he stored half. He drank his… and then got sober. I saved mine, with a 2010 Lapostolle possibly the final wine. When I was sent a pitch about Lapostolle’s sustainability, I thought: NOW’S THE TIME to drink that wine! In fact, I was afraid it might be PAST time.

And with Cabernet Sauvignon Day coming up in the Thursday before Labor Day, what better occasion than to compare and contrast a 2010 with a 2018 Lapostolle Cabernet Sauvignon?

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How should you celebrate Cabernet Day?

Simple –open a bottle! It can be Cabernet Sauvignon, like we’ve done, but it could be Cabernet Franc, a blend or a rose! Share your love of Cabernet on social media using the hashtag #CabernetDay!

So how did the 2010 Lapostolle fare?

Amazing! Still full of fruit and lively!

Tasting these wines blind, both are very similar in flavor, but not necessarily in structure. The older one is definitely more smooth and elegant than the other younger one.

Lapostolle practices both  ecological and environmental conservation with birds, animals, and beneficial insects serving in their vineyard management. While these wines aren’t certified organic or biodynamic, other wines in the portfolio are.  Recycling, water conservation, and energy preservation brought Lapostolle an award of a CarbonNeutral® delivery certification by the CarbonNeutral Company for delivering wines in green and responsible ways. Learn more at their website.

2018 Lapostolle “Cuvee Alexandre” Cabernet Sauvignon, Apalta Vineyard Colchgua Valley, Chile
ABV 14.5%; SRP $25
sample for my review consideration

Color: Medium density, ruby, fuschia rim

Nose: Cherry, menthol, eucptalyptus

Palate: Cherry, cassis, vegetals, bell pepper, earthen, tannins, oak. Give this wine a couple of years. It has good potential, but needs a bit more time in the bottle.

Pairing: Very nice with the grilled eggplant bruscetta, but even better when you put a bit of toscana cheese on top. So great with the high quality burger. If you are not going to do a steak, and want an easy burger meal make sure you choose quality meat and top it with garden fresh tomatoes, arugula and gorgonzola cheese. While when tasting without food we thought this wine needed to lay down a bit more, with food it was absolutely wonderful bringing out a lovely smoothness, and licorice characteristic in the wine.  I still wanted a few fries with the wine or a basic potato dish to refresh my palate in between bites, but the eggplant offered vitality.

2010 Lapostolle “Cuvee Alexandre” Cabernet Sauvignon, Apalta Vineyard  Colchagua Valley
ABV 14.1%; SRP $20

Color: Brick red, medium plus density, cherry cola

Nose: Cherry cola, bark, a bit of sulphur when first opening which blew off after being open for a while or decanted.

Palate: Chocolate, cherry, cherry cordial; this wine is very dry, the herbal notes on the nose have gone away, There is so much fruit in this wine for a 2010 which is very impressive. Big bold tannins are still present, although there is a lovely plushness. Enjoy this wine now, we don’t think it will continue to improve. It is ready to drink now.

Pairing: This wine was very nice with the food and very satisfying, however, it was so much more interesting on its own.

Vintage wine is a time machine.

In 2010, both Sue and Marshall had serious bicycle accidents and ended up in the hospital, and I lost my mom. What a year.

This wine on its own is vessel to take you to that moment where you were in 2010; a lot has happened since then I am sure! For me, I am also reminded of all of the Cabernet Days gone past — and linked to above.

The 2018 brings out much more brightness in both the food and the wine.

Without the food this 2010 wine is so contemplative. Surprisingly, it was still lively the following day when I had it with a steak! I sent the 2018 home with Sue to enjoy with John.

Happy Cabernet Day!


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  1. I would sincerely like to thank you for creating your wine blog. It is deeply appreciated. Prior to discovering it, I knew nothing about wine. 🍷It’s truly been an amazing adventure. Your words of inspiration continue to encourage me to try other varieties of wine I had never known.

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