#RoséAllDay for #RoséDay: 3 from New York’s Finger Lakes #WinePW

What follows #RoséAllMay?


What pairs well with summer? Rosé!

Also fall, winter, and spring if you ask me!

Yep, for me it’s rosé wine all day every day please!

The second Saturday of June, today, June 13 is Rosé Wine Day, and to celebrate, we have three rosé wines from the Finger Lakes region of New York, a region just south of Lake Ontario and the city of Rochester in the northern part of the state. The deep glacial lakes moderate the temperatures so that wine grapes thrive– they don’t die or get damaged from frost in winter or spring and they don’t get too hot in the summer.

“Why do the bottles say ‘dry” rosé wine?” someone asked.

In the 1980s there was a phenomenon of sweet pink wine, primarily what was known as “white zinfandel.” My grandma loved it, and so did many others. When I worked at Ridge in 1984 and 1985, they even made one that had low residual sugar but it was still known as white zinfandel.

But in France, in Provence, rosé wine is dry, and it’s not known as “white grenache” even though grenache is likely to be the primary grape. You don’t even need to say that a rosé wine is dry because everyone knows that’s what you’re going to get.

Because of the prevalence of white zin, and and all pink wine made and sipped in the US became suspect: was it going to be sweet? flabby? lacking in acid and structure and character?

Pink wine had to redeem itself, and indeed it has; read more here about the rosé wine revolution.

However, part of the process to solve the problem has been to clarify whether a rosé wine is sweet or dry — in a similar fashion to riesling in the US which now often sports an axis indication how sweet or dry it is.

Today rosé wine in the US and around the world made by boutique, small and large production wineries is:

  • more likely to be dry than sweet
  • made from a wide range of red grapes
  • produced all over the world
  • popular all day and all year

We paired these rosé wines with a beet salad and a middle eastern spiced stew made in the instant pot to keep the house cool.

2019 Keuka Spring Dry Rosé
12% alcohol
646 cases
Blend: Lemberger, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, on June 3 on Facebook, Keuka Spring’s introduced their new winemaker, Lynne Fahy, who has extensive experience from Finger Lakes, Oregon, and New Zealand wineries, and is busy bottling 2019 vintages.

Color:  Salmon, Coppery, Rose gold

Nose: Pollen, Pear, Orchard fruit flowers, Lots of fruit on the nose

Palate: Very fruit forward without being sweet, jack fruit, juicy fruit gum. This is a simple wine. There isn’t much of a finish, not much acidity. It is an easy drinking summer sipper. Great by the poolside or at the beach. Slight saline at the back of the palate.

Pairing: Great with the beet salad, it loves the candied pumpkin nuts, really likes the beets. Very nice with the lamb stew, bringing out fruit in the wine. Not so good with the kale.

2019  Zugibe Vineyards Rosé wine
12% alcohol

Color: Coppery, orange gold, orange rim

Nose: Mud, grass, like the lake shore, Putty, fennel, fennel pollen, freshly watered rose garden.

Palate: Nice viscosity, funk on the front, pollen on the back, fruitiness with out being fruit forward, cherry, cherry

Pairing: Better with food than without, good with the cauliflower, It likes the spices in the lamb as well as the chick peas, fought with the beet salad a bit, it didn’t like the feta, Kale was too bitter.

2019 Fox Run Dry Rosé
12.3% alcohol

Read about the Fox Run Riesling here.

Color: Pretty pink – rose – mauve. We liked how the pink of the wine tied into the color of the label

Nose: Grassy, saline, cherry, rhubarb, raspberry

Palate: Fruit forward, bright tart fruit, raspberry, silt

Pairing: Sue bought a fig salami with cinnamon and pistachio that was perfect with the wine. The spice and the fruit in the salami went so fantastically with the wine.  Really nice with the D’Affinois, the creamy richness of the cheese is so fantastic and brings out fabulous fruit in the wine. The salt brined olives were a bit too salty for the wine and did not make a very good pair. Alright with the kale, but not great, The rose really likes the spices in the lamb stew. It likes the blue cheese dressing and the earthy beets in the salad. Fantastic with the creamy Dorothy’s  Creamery Keep Dreaming cheese bringing out the fruit in the wine. The wine becomes very clean with the lamb stew. Mikale really liked this wine with the beet salad.

Happy Rosé Wine Day! Cheers! What’s in YOUR glass? Do you have a favorite Rosé wine? Do you want your rosé bone dry or with a little or a lot of sweetness?

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Join our discussion or check out what we had to say by following the hashtag #WinePW at 8am Pacific Sat. June 13.

  • Welcome to the #WinePW chat on NY Finger Lakes wine. Introduce yourself and share where you’re tweeting from. Share a link to your blog if applicable.
    6/13/2020 11:05 a.m. EST
  • Q1 We’re talking about the NY Finger Lakes this morning for today’s #WinePW. Is it easy for you to find these wines where you live?
    6/13/2020 11:10 a.m. EST
  • Q2 Tell us about the wine you tasted and the producer. Share the grape variety/varieties. #WinePW
    6/13/2020 11:15 a.m. EST
  • Q3 Was this a new region for you? Have you had much experience with Finger Lakes wine? #WinePW
    6/13/2020 11:20 a.m. EST
  • Q4. Was there anything about the region or producer that particularly stood out for you? Share a picture and your tasting notes. #WinePW
    6/13/2020 11:30 a.m. EST
  • Q5 What dish did you prepare? How was the pairing? Share a link or photo. #WinePW
    6/13/2020 11:40 a.m. EST
  • Q6 Did your Finger Lakes wine remind you of any other cool-climate wine regions? Which ones? How did they compare? #WinePW
    6/13/2020 11:45a.m. EST
  • Q7 Have you visited the Finger Lakes region? Would you like to visit after the pandemic ends? #WinePW
    6/13/2020 11:50 a.m. EST
  • Q8 How can Finger Lakes wines become better known? #WinePW
    6/13/2020 11:55 a.m. EST
  • Q9 Any final thoughts about Finger Lakes wine? #WinePW
    6/13/2020 Noon EST
    Thank you to everyone who participated in today’s chat. Next month #WinePW will be focusing on the wines of Moldova with Jeff @foodwineclick as our host. Join us!



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