Ventura County Vineyards May 2020: Blame it on…

My Drink Local Wine Day selection: 2018 syrah from Clos de Amis. Order here.

  • Blame it on COVID and stay at home orders.
  • Blame it on KITTENS and taking care of them.
  • Blame it on the teen and trying to stay sane.
  • Blame it on May Gray and my own overgrown yard.
  • Blame it on other troubles and I do not wish to name them.
  • Blame it on other writing projects and Oregon Wine Month.

But really the blame is on me.

For this first time since January 2019, I did not get out to work or visit any Ventura Country vineyards or wineries… save tending the three chardonnay vines in my yard.

And while I still have the news I wished to share in April, I have yet to write about it.

Honestly, I am overwhelmed.

In addition to a pandemic, right now LA County, just south of me, went on curfew at 4pm.

There is so much going on: concerns for health, family, society, plus the ongoing concerns about climate, for the planet.

I’ve been able to keep up with tastings and articles: I published 11 articles in May averaging 1500 words each. This is my 55th post in 2020 and I’ve written almost 80,000 words, as many as in an average novel. My goal is 108 for the year — 9 a month– and I’m on track: 10 month x 12 months would be 120, and I’ve averaged 11.

But I am disappointed in myself that I did not keep this going, this monthly reporting about Ventura County Vineyards.

Tomorrow is a new month, June Gloom. The kittens will go to their forever homes. The teen will be done with school. The challenges that I face that I do not wish to share will be addressed. I will go out again and find solace in nature.

I will try again next month to get into the vineyard and the winery. To keep learning. To keep growing. To keep writing and sharing what I discover. Stay tuned, please, and subscribe.

This is the wine I chose for Drink Local Wine Day, May 22: Clos des Amis Syrah which I wrote about here.

Can’t get much more local to me than this. And so spectacular with this filet mignon and blue cheese. The 2015 is available to order online for $24.

Except maybe some Chambang grown about 10 minutes drive from my house. 

Which I had last night with local mussels.

DANG– no photos but wow what a pairing.

Just. Out. Standing.




2 thoughts on “Ventura County Vineyards May 2020: Blame it on…

  1. Gwendolyn: I have always enjoyed reading almost everything you write, and can truthfully say I have learned some things along the way. As for a Covid-related Wine Predator-exclusive news item; I will unfortunately have to sell the oldest (since 2009) current Winery and Tasting Room in Ventura City. Even if the government allows us to re-open sometime in June or July, it will be too little-too late financially to save this small business. If you know of anyone who might want to get into the wine biz, this turn-key operation (assumable lease and licenses, furniture, fixtures, equipment, and inventory) might be their golden opportunity. Inquiries can be directed to Mr. Phil Haney, Sunbelt Business Brokers and Advisors, cell phone: 661-644-5313. Keep tasting! David Panaro, Owner and Winemaker, Panaro Brothers Winery, Ventura, CA.

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    • I’m so sorry to hear the news that you’re having to leave the business, David! If I have learned anything the past year, it’s how hard it is to be in the wine business. If I think of or hear of anyone, I will definitely pass this info on.


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