Around the World With Chardonnay: 5 Wines, 5 Countries, 5 Continents #ChardonnayDay 2020

Chardonnay is made– and made well– around the world; here are representatives from Europe/France, Africa/So. Africa, Oceania, Australia, South America/Argentina, and North America/Oregon. Scroll down for tasting and pairing notes.

Just because we have to shelter in place at home doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Chardonnay Day May 21 because all you need is a bottle of Chardonnay to do it! And doesn’t everyone have at least ONE bottle of Chardonnay in cellar if not in the fridge?

Or you can do like we did and celebrate it by traveling literally around the world from home here in North America to taste wine from five countries on five continents!

Back in 2011, Elaine Chukan Brown of Wakawaka Wine Reviews drew this informative illustration about Chardonnay:

As Elaine points out, Continue reading