An Introduction to Malbec: Wines from around the world, what to pair, when to share #MalbecDay

At the South Mountain winery in Santa Paula CA, Clos des Amis winemaker Bruce Freeman contemplates Malbec’s gifts to the world.

“That’s kind of why you like Malbec,” says Clos des Amis winemaker Bruce Freeman. “It has some cajones! It’s not just a fruit bomb; it comes back at you. Caught ya, not got ya! It seems like it will be a sweet thing but then it’s sassy.”

With April as Malbec Month, and Malbec Day this Friday, April 17, NOW is the time to share Malbec! But it’s also a great wine to drink all year around — with grilled meats in the summer and braised meats in the winter, and with cheese and cured meats all year.

We’re big fans of Malbec here on Wine Predator. Also known as Cot in its French home just east of Bordeaux in Cahors, Southwest France, and according to one author, a godforsaken grape, we disagree — and so does Argentina where more Malbec is grown in this South American country than anywhere else in the world:

  • 37.53% of the red wine grapes planted in Argentina are Malbec
  • 21.40% of the total cultivated area in the country is Malbec.
  • 163%  increase in plantings of Malbec since 2000 (equivalent to 26,653 ha / 65,862 acres)
  • 85% of Argentinean Malbec is grown in Mendoza
  • leader in volume, quality and exports of Malbec since 2011

We appreciate Malbec’s distinguishing characteristics: Continue reading