From Cahors: Organic Château du Cèdre Malbec with French Charcuterie #Winophiles

When most Americans think Malbec, they think Argentina. In part, that’s because Argentinean Malbec is affordable and available here in the US, plus it’s full of juicy blue fruit that can be enjoyed alone or with food.

But in France, the name for Malbec is Cahors. And it’s time for Americans to discover Malbec from its ancestral home– France. Today we recommend an organic one that is sans sulfites from Château du Cèdre.

Since 1971 when Cahors became an AOC, the dominant grape in a wine from the region is Malbec (also known as “Côt”, “Côt Noir” or “Auxerrois”), with at least 70%. The remainder is generally Merlot which softens the wine and Tannat which  sharpens it. Continue reading