A Biodynamic Checklist for Pilgrims to Champagne and Loire

Sue and Gwendolyn on the TGV to Champagne -- super fast! Only 30 minutes from the main Paris airport to Reims!

On the TGV to Champagne — super fast! Only 30 minutes from the main Paris airport to Reims! photo c. by Gwendolyn Alley

With the World Wine Tasting Championship coming up this Saturday Oct 12 at Chateau Chambord in the beautiful green Loire Valley in France, the US Team has arrived and is preparing!

Well, at least you think we’d be!

Instead, Sue and I spent four nights in the Champagne region visiting biodynamic producers, vineyards, cellars, and tasting biodynamic still and champagne wines, then we drove to the Loire where we have been tasting — you guessed it– biodynamic cremant and still wines!

Biodynamic wines, while varietally correct, do not always taste like a typical wine. Bonus: you can enjoy more of them as they also do not give a hangover unless you drink WAY too much!

We did spend one evening at a friend’s opening many bottles from around the world with an emphasis on France and older unusual vintages. We did really well with our tasting notes, according to the somm who hosted the small dinner party and tasting.

Practice makes permanent: a few of the wines we tasted and studied last weekend… the Condrieu was a favorite of mine!

What’s wrong with this? Well nothing to be honest! We feel like we already won by winning a place on the US team and thereby winning our plane tickets and accommodations at Chateau  Chambord!

Instead of trying to travel and taste as widely as possible in France of commercial and typical wines, we’ve been Pilgrims on a journey to biodynamic Champagne and Loire.

We’ve lots of notes and photos for many articles to come but for now, I offer up–

A Biodynamic Checklist for Pilgrims — and a quick photo journey to whet your appetite for what’s to come: Continue reading