#MerlotMe Napa: Duckhorn and La Jota w/ Flat Iron Steak, Blackberries


If you, like me, can’t get enough of #Merlot even after a month of #MerlotMe, you might want to check out “Masters of Merlot: Seminar, Tasting and Walk-around Reception with Merlot’s Biggest Champions” Continue reading

#Halloween Pulled Pork and #MerlotMe for the WIN!

On an evening when nobody wants to cook, but everybody wants to party, it is a great time to pull out the instant pot to make something fun, easy, and yummy — and paired with one of these easy drinking Merlot, you know you’ll have a winner of a dinner!

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Hello Halloween! Hallo-Wines with Bloody Borscht, Pukey Pumpkin, Chunks of Brains on Intestines

Have you ever looked at the display of Halloween themed wine bottles at the grocery store or World Market and think, “Ewww I bet those are awful!”

Well, I did! I figured they were overpriced, tarted up, bulk wine with nothing to say, and just good-time wine — not one you’d take home for dinner!

Now I’m clearly NOT talking about Flora Springs, which has embraced and celebrated its ghost winery heritage. (Read more about ghost wineries HERE.)

No, I’m talking about the kind of wine you would pick up on your way to a party. Like the kind that comes in a coffin.

But given the opportunity to taste a number of them recently I was surprised and pleased as was the gathering of goblins, ghosts, and ghouls, seven in all,  who’ve been friends for 15 or more years. In fact all of us were grateful to be on this side of the grave with each other and these festive and fun wines!

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#MerlotMe: Go Surf or Turf with WA’s Nine Hats

So if you’ve been on the prowl here at Wine Predator a time or two, you may have noticed that we love to pair Merlot with salmon, especially Washington Merlot like we did here with these. But when my husband came home from the store with a beautiful steak, I thought I’d look through my #MerlotMe samples for something that was blended with a Cabernet for that night — but something that would pair well with salmon for the following evening when Sue would be coming over!

That’s why I chose this Nine Hats Merlot from Washington– it’s mostly Merlot but it has some Cabernet Franc in it too. What a winner with both the turf — beef — and the surf — salmon! Continue reading

Discover Lirac’s Southern Rhône Palate with the #Winophiles

Ever heard of Lirac wine before?

If you’re a typical American, probably not. If you’re a regular Rhône wine drinker, maybe.

Regardless it’s time to add the palette of Lirac to your palate!

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A Visit With Elodie D. in Epernay for #ChampagneDay #Winophiles

Today, on the ninth annual Champagne Day, with wine lovers around the globe raising a glass to this quintessential wine of celebration, I’m remembering my visit with Caroline Henry, author of Terroir Champagne: the luxury of sustainable, organic and biodynamic cuvees, a few weeks ago … and my stop in Epernay at Elodie D. Continue reading

Time for Sherry from Gonzalez Byass

If I say “sherry” and what comes to mind is the song “Sherry Baby” by The Four Seasons and Frankie Valli …

or maybe all you know about the liquid form is cheap sherry wine for cooking, well, it’s time for you to discover that sherry is not only a thing, but a beautiful thing. Sherry may be an acquired taste, but Sherry is definitely worth getting to know! Continue reading