Hello Halloween! Hallo-Wines with Bloody Borscht, Pukey Pumpkin, Chunks of Brains on Intestines

Have you ever looked at the display of Halloween themed wine bottles at the grocery store or World Market and think, “Ewww I bet those are awful!”

Well, I did! I figured they were overpriced, tarted up, bulk wine with nothing to say, and just good-time wine — not one you’d take home for dinner!

Now I’m clearly NOT talking about Flora Springs, which has embraced and celebrated its ghost winery heritage. (Read more about ghost wineries HERE.)

No, I’m talking about the kind of wine you would pick up on your way to a party. Like the kind that comes in a coffin.

But given the opportunity to taste a number of them recently I was surprised and pleased as was the gathering of goblins, ghosts, and ghouls, seven in all,  who’ve been friends for 15 or more years. In fact all of us were grateful to be on this side of the grave with each other and these festive and fun wines!

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