Happy 50th to Bogle plus the secret of The Phantom for #CaliforniaWineMonth

September is California Wine Month and so for the rest of the month we will be featuring various regions of California and encouraging you to visit. As a native Californian, I may be a bit partial, but California is a truly beautiful state graced with gorgeous weather and has been hit really hard by wild fires which has discouraged tourism.

So just in case you haven’t gotten the message,


And we’d love for you to come visit!

California’s wine growing goes back to the Mission days when the Jesuit planted what came to be known as “Mission” grapes in the 1700s, and the industry was flourishing by the 1770s. California Wine Month celebrates our 250-year winegrowing history and recognizes the achievements of California vintners and growers in preserving tradition and driving innovation.

Did you know:

  • California has 4,800 vintners?
  • California has 5,900 growers?
  • California is the world’s fourth-largest wine producer?
  • California is the source of 81 percent of the wine made in the United States?
  • California is the most visited state in the U.S. for food- and wine-related activities?

So it seems appropriate to make our first stop just south of the Capital of California in YOLO COUNTY’s CLARKSBURG, to the home of Bogle, and where the Bogle family is celebrating has been farming in the Delta since the late-1800s and in 1968, the father and son team of Warren and Chris Bogle planted the first 20 acres of vines in Clarksburg. Continue reading