What Went Down Winter 2018; What’s Up Spring!

What went down this winter of 2018 and what’s up this spring?

So far this year, I’ve published 21 posts, which is not far off from my goal of 9 per month or 108 for the year. And what were the most popular of these posts from 2018?

The emphasis this winter was on women in wine: women winemakers and winery owners.

In March, which is Women’s History Month, we reviewed previous posts about women winemakers and published four posts about women in wine:

So what’s going down in Spring?

This spring we’re going green and pink with lots of Malbec!

APRIL: Earth Month

  • April is Earth Month, so we are going green as much as possible focusing on biodynamic and organic wines from around the world. We’re also going to talk CORK!
  • April 17 is Malbec Day, so we have a case of Malbec in the cellar to taste, tweet, and take notes about!
  • April 17 is also TAX Day in the US, and we’ll have a range of wines to wash away your sorrows — or celebrate your return!
  • April 24 we’re going to LA to taste wine from Oregon!

MAY: Oregon Wine Month

  • May 4: International Sauvignon Blanc Day — and there’s an international symposium in Lake County that I am tempted to attend.
  • May 6 and 7: the International Biodynamic Wine Conference in San Francisco.
  • May 24: National Chardonnay Day
  • May 25: National Wine Day

JUNE: Idaho Wine Month

  • June 4: National Cheese Day
  • June 9: National Rose Day
  • June 21: National Lambrusco Day

ITALIAN FOOD WINE TRAVEL publish first Saturday of the month; twitter chat at 8am PST:

  • May: Vermentino
  • June: Soave

WINE PAIRING WEEKEND publish second Saturday of the month; twitter chat at 8am PST:

FRENCH WINOPHILES publish third Saturday of the month, twitter chat at 8am PST:

  • April 21: Picpoul, and wow, has Sue a menu for you! I hope we can pull it off!
  • May: Bordeaux
  • June: Alsace.

Lots of great wine in store! Stay tuned! Please subscribe!

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