Wine from Navarra: Preview of #WinePW Camino plus Ochoa Reserva

This month, the Wine Pairing Weekend crew become Pilgrims on a sacred journey this April to Navarra, Spain, home to the Camino de Santiago as well as a cuisine that pairs heavenly with the region’s wines! Here’s the invitation to participate.

The famous “Way” travels from many points in Europe with most of them converging in Navarra, Spain, the focus of this month’s Wine Pairing Weekend which includes posts published this Saturday April 14 and a twitter chat that morning at 8am PST.

Navarra’s history is intertwined with the Camino de Santiago which leads to the shrine of St. James the Apostle in Santiago de Compostela, located about 400 walking miles to west, in the coastal province of Galicia, home to Albarino (read about nine meals to pair with Albarino). Pilgrims returned from the Camino bearing stories about the wonderful wine in Navarra; Rioja, just west of Navarra, became famous this way also (read about two from Rioja).

Read more about these two Garnacha from Navarra in the invite post.

Please join us as we explore this region of Spain; food ideas here. Many of us received a variety of samples from Wines of Navarra for which we are grateful. To prepare us further, Sue and I opened a sample of a 2008 Ochoa Reserva from a single vineyard which we paired with osso bucco.  Read on to learn more!

What did the Wine Pairing Weekend Pilgrims do with Navarra Wine?
Here’s a preview of the posts you can expect to find by Saturday morning, April 14:

Jill Barth of L’Occasion: “Eat and Drink like Hemingway in Spain’s Navarra Region”

Nancy Brazil of Pull That Cork: “Wines of Navarra and a Meal to Match”

David Crowley of Cooking Chat: “Steak with Manchego Mushroom Sauce with Red Wine from Navarra”

Jade Helm of  Tasting Pour: “Lamb Sofrito Nachos Night of Navarra Wines”

Nicole Ruiz Hudson of Somm’s Table: “Cooking to the Wine: Senorio de Otazu and Broiled Skirt Steak with Romesco Sauce” 

Wendy Klik of A Day in The Life on the Farm:  “A taste of Navarra Spain”

Camilla M. Mann of Culinary Adventures with Camilla: “Pacific Rock Crab Claws + 2016 Otazu Merlot Rosado “

Jennifer Gentile Martin of Vino Travels:“Pilgrimage to the Navarra with Bodega Inurrieta”

Jane Niemeyer of  Always Ravenous: “What Foods to Pair with Wines from Navarra Spain” 

Sarah Ozimek of Curious Cuisiniere: “Basic Spanish Flan and Navarra Wine”

Cindy Rynning of Grape Experiences: “¡Salud! to Tapas Night and the Wines of Navarra”

Julie Santiago of Wine N Friends “Taste of Pintxos and Navarra Wines”

Rupal Desai Shankar The Syrah Queen:  “Navarra – Spain’s Hidden Gem”

Lauren Walsh  The Swirling Dervish: “Sipping and Cooking with Patxaran: a Taste of Ancient Navarra” 

Host Gwendolyn Alley The Wine Predator: “Along the Way with Wine and Food from Navarra Spain.”

Join us at 8am Pacific time for our twitter chat about the wine and food of Navarra! Just find and follow the hashtag #WinePW.

And now for one of the wines from Navarra Spain that inspired us this month: a 2008 Ochoa Reserva from a single vineyard which we paired with osso bucco. Keep reading to learn more!


2008 – Ochoa – Reserva – 14% alcohol NAVARRA, SPAIN
55% Tempranillo, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Merlot

Decant or open earlier to let it open up and breathe, you’ll be amazed! I opened it up because we were having  osso bucco prepared in an instant pot. meal. I went for this wine because in my research it seems like braised beef and beef in general pairs well with the reds from the region. After dinner, I corked it, and put it on the counter to see how it would open up. I pulled this wine out two days later for Tapas with Sue and it was still very nice! While Marshall didn’t care that much for this wine,  I loved the complexity, and when paired with the Osso Bucco, it was beautiful.The complex flavors in the meal really brought out a lovely complexity in the wine.

Color: extremely dense, rusty plum

Nose: dark bramble fruit, tobacco, dusty, cedar, sandalwood, very spicy; as the wine opens up you get more fruit, clean wet clay.

Palate: This is a big, bold wine, and big dense foods like Osso Bucco or rich hard Spanish cheeses or charcuterie makes it shine. It likes spicy sausages and spicy foods, but I wouldn’t want to get too spicy — but I’d be willing to try mole sauce! Anything with a rich red sauce would go well with this Rioja.

BONUS: It’s organic!


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