For Grads, Dad: Clubs, Tools, Books!

Still looking for Dad or Grad gifts? If so, consider:

  1. a wine club membership either far away or close by
  2. a bottle of wine from that winery or region, for example a bottle (or pair!) of Pinot Noir from The Ojai Vineyard
  3. a wine opener like this one from Avina
  4. a book to read while drinking wine like Vertical 
  5. a breath analyzer to make sure that it is safe to drink and drive

Let’s start with giving the gift of a club — and no I don’t mean a golf club but a wine club membership.

So many people ask “Why should I join a wine club when I can just go to the grocery store and pick up a bottle at a much lower cost?” Consider:

  • Wine club discounts for members, some wineries give sliding discounts depending on how much wine is purchased
  • Limited or member only releases
    • some wineries will release certain wines for members only
  • free wine tasting
  • special events
    • concerts
    • special tastings
      • vertical tastings
      • limited releases
      • barrel samples
    • wine paring dinners
    • bottling parties
    • harvest stomps
    • wine blending seminars
    • pick-up parties

Find a winemaker and wine varietals that you enjoy and join or gift that wine club to enjoy the benefits of membership; bonus if you gift someone the membership they will share the benefits with you! There are so many wine clubs to choose from: you might find one close to you so you can attend pick-up parties and special events, or discover a new region of the country — or the world! For example, the New Zealand Wine Navigator wine club delivers very special wines from New Zealand to your door –wines that you’d have a hard time finding in the US!

Or for another example, Sue and I are both members at The Ojai Vineyard which is located just a few miles our from our homes. On Wednesday, my spouse and son were going to a baseball practice at Ojai Valley School which we are considering for my son for high school. Another friend was having a birthday gathering also in Ojai but a bit later so I had my husband drop me off at The Ojai Vineyard to taste and pick up my wine club shipment. It was a super hot day and it sure felt nice to relax in the cool tasting room and enjoy the whites and reds from Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties!

Next a bottle or two of wine!

To go along with the club membership, if possible pick up a bottle or two for the winery; a vertical of two or three wines from different vintages is fun or compare the same vintage and area but different vineyards.

Or compare two different BLOCKS of wine from the same vineyard like Sue and I did with Square Peg’s dry farmed Pinot Noir!  


While I was at The Ojai Vineyard, I tasted through some of the wines from the regular and the reserve list, focusing in particular on the two pinots, one from each list.


The Ojai Vineyard Dry Rose with Sea Fresh Oysters Rockefeller: just say YES to layers of flavor and succulence!

Then I bought a bottle of the nice cold Rose to take down the street to Sea Fresh where I joined my friends for happy hour! Many of the Ojai restaurants waive the corkage for local wineries which Sea Fresh did for this bottle which paired so well with these oysters Rockefeller!

Tool #1: Avina’s Falcon

Of course you’re going to need a wine opener for those bottles of wine! Avina has one called “Falcon” that will do the trick! It’s a handsome, classy opener for $25. My husband raves about it– it has a really nice knife to cut through the foil or wax, it fits well in the hand, and the dark wood is elegant. (Sample).

The Book: Vertical

Keeping with the theme, now that you’ve got the wine open, how about a book about wine? There’s plenty of good non-fiction ones out there, but as far as fiction goes, not so much. However, Rex Pickett wrote a sequel to Sideways called Vertical: Passion and Pinot, and it’s a lot of fun. Those two rascals you know and love get into plenty of trouble and they drink lots of phenomenal wine while on a road trip with Miles’ mom and her caregiver Joy. (This book was provided for my review consideration).

Tool #2: Revo’s Alcomate

While reading Vertical, I admit that I stressed out more than once about how much they drink — and then drive! What they needed was a serious breathalyzer to keep everyone safe and sound– and they needed to use it.

Revo’s Alcomate is not an inexpensive present. But have you priced what a DUI costs these days? Not to mention the risks to life and limb? Check it out; I am sure you’ll agree it is worth every penny. It is a small convenient size and comes with a small carry bag that you can store in your glove box or purse or pocket.

Have a great Father’s Day! And congratulations to the college grads too!




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