Who’s into Sparkling Wines of Italy?

On the first Saturday of each month, a handful of wine writers from around the world participate in #ItalianFWT — or Italian Food Wine Travel. That means the host comes up with a theme to prompt us to taste, learn, and write, then we all do so and share the results.

It’s quite fun and so Sue and I offered to host with the theme of “Sparkling Wines of Italy.” We sent out the invitation here on this blog as well as on social media, and here’s who will be joining us this Saturday by posting about sparkling wines of Italy including travel opportunities in the regions where you’ll find sparkling wine, and Italian food to pair with sparkling wine from Italy. You will also learn about different kinds of sparkling wine from Italy as you can tell from these post titles:

David Crowley of Cooking Chat  finds for us examples of “Italian Sparkling Wine Beyond Prosecco”

Lauren Walsh the Swirling Dervish will teach “Why You Should Learn to Love Lambrusco”

“Pink Bubbles, Paté, and Pecorino” is the topic from Camilla Mann of  Culinary Adventures with Camilla

Mike Madaio of   Undiscovered Italy   offers up “One Great Bottle: Fiamberti Oltrepò Pavese 2012”

Jennifer Martin of Vino Travels says “There is Prosecco and then there is Valdobbiadene Prosecco”

Italian Producers Beef Up Sparkling Offering is the offering from Susannah Gold of avvinare.

Rosina Wilson of Drink Wine With Dinner may be joining us for the first time too with a post about Metodo Classico Spumante Brut, Lugana DOC.

Here at Wine Predator we have “Three Trento Sparklers with Seafood Risotto for #ItalianFWT”

Please join us for the twitter chat about Italian Sparkling wine on Saturday May 6 from 8-9am PST and check out our blogs!



2 thoughts on “Who’s into Sparkling Wines of Italy?

  1. Hi Gwendolyn –

    Hope life has been treating you well since the last time we were in touch!

    What a cool idea – #ItalianFWT – It’s something I’d love to take part in sometime, if you’re open to new participants.

    As it happens, I attended a tasting & dinner last week with the producers from the consortia of Lugana and Valpolicella.

    We had a wonderful Metodo Classico Spumante Brut, Lugana DOC – 2014 Bulgarini Fausto “Stelle di Lugana.”

    I mention it in this blog post – http://rosinawilson.com/2017-4-25-lugana/ – and will write more today in my next post about enjoying it at dinner.

    (BTW, here also is my post – http://rosinawilson.com/2017-4-26-valpolicella/ – about reds)

    I look forward to tomorrow morning – Cheers, Rosina


    • Yes, we’d love to have you join our group! We have a Facebook page with about 450 members, and about 5-10 people participate each month by submitting a blog posts with about 5-15 people participating in the Saturday morning twitter chat.


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